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Trying New Products in Order to Test Claims

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Every now and then, there will be new products released with claims made in advertising in order to get people to buy the product. In many cases, the claims are truthful. They have to be or else this could result in many problems with the company. Among the categories of products that are often released is hair care. In fact there was a line of products released that claim to do wonders for the hair. This product was Wen by Chaz (see, It was released in many different varieties. Whatever the variety of the hair care product was, the claim was that it was going to bring about some extra shine and bounce to one’s hair.
One lady saw an infomercial for Wen and was very intrigued by it. She has decided to give it a try for 7 days. She used the sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner and she has reported the results on Bustle. She was overall satisfied with the results that she got from the product. She has talked about the advantages and the disadvantages of the product on her review that she has released on that site. She has found that the product was good for her hair overall. She has noticed that her hair was shinier among other things. She has also gotten remarks from her friends as well when she went out with them.

Overall Wen by Chaz Dean is a worthy product to use for hair care. Wen by Chaz puts a few different formulas in one product. This takes away a lot of the work that often goes into taking care of hair. Women often have to shampoo their hair, and then put some conditioner in their hair in order to bring out its healthiness. WEN makes it easy for women to shampoo their hair as well as condition it for a great appearance. Wen is available for order online on and some other websites.

Ross Abelow: GoFundMe for Strays

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Ross Abelow, considered one of the best all-around attorneys in New York, put his money and power to use. January 13th, Abelow launched the GoFundMe page, setting the goal at $5000 for animal shelters.

The reason Ross Abelow started this campaign was to supply money to the shelters in order to help pay for medical care, vaccines, blankets and food. Many shelters do not have the room to house the stray animal population, so in addition to providing materials, and additional funds will help relieve the stress on vulnerable animals.

Ross Abelow is spearheading this money-raising campaign for animal shelters as part of his involvement with the community. A community he serves in a variety of ways. Abelow is a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP. He specializes in family law, entertainment law. and commercial litigation.

Abelow’s philanthropic projects do not stop there. Even as his clients, entertainers and divorcees are on his list of those he does not only represent in court but advises them in ways that are personal and involved. Abelow’s dedication to his clients come with a soft touch in during their hardest trials. His giving nature is not reserved only animals in need, but all in need.

Both through his work and through the work he does for others. Abelow is not doing this to further his brand as a top-notch lawyer, his reputation does that for him. Rather, he is giving to the community that gives to him. If he will fight for stray animals that are all but forgotten, imagine the care and attention he gives his clients.

As a lawyer in New York, Ross Abelow, specializes in marriage, commercial, family, and litigation law. Abelow graduated from New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He has been practicing law for over twenty years while contributing to his community. He believes in passing his success forward to the community that has supported him.

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Thor Halvorssen Speaks Up About Bernie Sanders

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Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he is very familiar with all the human rights problems that are going on around the world. The people around the world who are in the worst position possible, and they are living under terrible governments that take everything from the people for the good of the state. The word communist has been used to describe Bernie Sanders, but he is not a communist. He is a democratic socialist, and Thor Halvorssen wanted to explain the difference.

Thor Halvorssen has seen what communist countries have done around the world, and he explained to Fox News that those countries do not use tax dollars for the people. He knows that Bernie Sanders wants to use as many tax dollars as he can for the people. That is going to allow the people to benefit more from the state, and there are going to be better services overall. South America and Scandinavia have such governments, and in Thor’s heritage, he knows that those governments work. He wants people to give Bernie Sanders a chance to see if he can use tax dollars to help people get the services they need.

He also wants people to remember that inclusion in a socialist society is much easier to grasp because the state is for the people. Thor Halvorssen thinks that America has gotten away from that principle, and it is possible to get back on track with help from someone like Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is an amazing politician who has very high ideals for the country. He wants to see everyone feel like they are getting what they need, and he wants to show people that they can use their tax dollars for things other than corporate bailouts.

Anyone who does not like the establishment is going to like Bernie Sanders, and they need to get the word communism out of their minds. Someone like Bernie Sanders is going to help real people with his plans. Thor Halvorssen has seen governments like this work, and it helps everyone in the nation who is in need of assistance.

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The Life Of Stephen P. Murray

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Stephen Murray, affectionately referred to as Steve, was born August 2, 1962. He attended Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economics in 1984. He would later attend the prestigious Columbia Business School where he obtained his masters degree in business administration in 1989.

In 1984, shortly after graduating from Boston College, Murray joined the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. 5 years later, in 1989, he joined MH Equity Corporation. MH Equity Corporation combined the finance unit and the private equity group of Manufacturers Hanover. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

In 1991 Chemical Bank purchased Manufacturers Hanovers. After the purchase Chemical Venture Partners and MH Equity merged with one another. 5 short years later in 1996, Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation. In that same year Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Capital Partners.

Through all these moves Stephen Murray was still a vital part of the company. In 2005 he received a big promotion and became the head of buyout business for JP Morgan Partners. One year later in August 2006, Murray helped co-found CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital was a spin out of JP Morgan Chase and contained the buyout and growth equity team of the JP Morgan Chase private equity team.

In 2007 Murray was named CEO of CCMP and held that position until his untimely passing in March of 2015. Murray was also on the board at several major companies including Warner, The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC Entertainment and Generac Power Systems just to name a few. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray Was A Big Giver

Besides being an astute businessman, Stephen Murray was also a big giver. He believed in giving back and helping those in need. He was an avid supporter of several foundations and organizations including the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Columbia Business School and Boston College just to name a few.

Murray was also a memeber of the chairman’s council of the Make a Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the vice chairman of the board of trustees at Boston College.

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The Exponential Growth of CCMP Capital Under Stephen Murray’s Leadership

West Village Townhouse for $17 Million


Overcoming In-House Hurdles

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Status Labs of Austin, TX has done a tremendous amount of work on behalf of clients suffering from reputation catastrophes. Reputation management tasks are what Status Labs’ management and employees are extremely skilled with, and they have put those skills to work for 1,500+ clients around the globe. One of the more interesting clients Status Labs has helped is itself.


Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, recently published an article in The Huffington Post that chronicled an unfortunate situation the company had to deal with.


A former executive of Status Labs did something outside of his duties with Status Labs. The company was completely removed from the actual activities that occurred, but the company was pulled into the controversy. The media ended up running stories and reports that hardly cast the firm in a good light. As unfair as the situation was, the company had to deal with it nonetheless.


Steps were taken by all those affiliated with Status Labs to set things straight. The company launched as series of partnerships and joint ventures with various entities in the Austin area to support scores of philanthropic endeavors. Working with many charities greatly helped improve public perception of Status Labs.


The company also worked on addressing employee concerns in the aftermath of the controversy. Many steps were taken to turn the already employee-friendly office into an even friendlier one. Everything from offering stock options to letting employees bring their pets to work helped improve attitudes and moral for the better.


Status Labs most certainly was able to overcome the hurdles the past controversies created. Earnings reports show the company’s revenues have increased tremendously since its inception. Likely, this trend will continue since Status Labs has been able to effectively handle the accounts of numerous clients. Simply put, Status Labs is quickly becoming the premiere reputation management firm in the industry.

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Hair Care Product Wen By Chaz Gets Positive Reviews

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The hair care product called Wen by Chaz Dean was recently reviewed by a woman over the course of one week. During the week the woman reported very positive results of using the product. She stated each day that the quality and structure of her hair was greatly improving. The woman reported that the product was making her hair look healthier, repairing it, giving it more strength and also deeply cleansing it on a regular basis. Due to these positive results she said that she would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to maintain their hair. She also reported that if you have fine and thin hair then this product will be the ideal one to use in order to take the best care of your hair.
WEN is a distinguished hair care product due to the fact that it contains a lot of natural ingredients. These natural ingredients help your hair stay healthy along with preventing damage that other products may incur. With ingredients such as glycerin, panthenol, wild cherry bark and also rosemary extract, users will get a hair care product that will provide a number of benefits. These benefits include strengthening the hair, making it look shiny, repairing it and also making it easier to style.

What makes this Guthy-Renker advertised brand is that it is easy to use as well. All you will need to do is apply some lather on your hand rub it together and then rub it all over your hair. You will then just have to rinse it once you are done. After using this product a number of people have reported getting excellent results. Users have reported that their hair was easier to style, was healthier and also allowed them to look better as a result.

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Visual Search Engine: A Brave Step Into the Future of Image Recognition

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Technology moves forward; sometimes it moves in small steps, but every now and then it takes giant leaps that revolutionize the way things are done. Slyce is in the forefront of this giant leap where visual image recognition technology is finally ready to make its mark.

What Is Slyce and What Role Does It Play?

Slyce is a leading company in regards to visual search technologies that are taking search capabilities to the next level. One can say that Slyce understood the need people had when barcode and QR code scanning became such a success. But there was more to do, which is why 3D recognizing technology was developed.

It is now in the process of being implemented. What Slyce promises is the ability to photograph an item in the real world, and use it to search the web. One can find that item without knowing anything about it. You dont need to know the brand or serial number. Slyce is definitely opening the door to a new future.

Image Recognition Technology is Set to Change Business

Slyce’s technology has endless applications, but it will definitely be useful to businesses in more ways than one. An article found at TechCrunch explains the impact this image recognition technology will have in a little more detail. The article details some of the changes like in social media where visual recognition technology might help the blind by “seeing” an image and explaining it verbally to the person.

The reason that visual recognizing technology, according to most experts, is on the rise has to do with open source. Many companies, like Slyce, are welcoming experts from various places who have the knowledge and the vision to move into the future.

Slyce–with the help of these individuals–are using deep learning technology, user-friendly programming tools, and affordable computing to open doors. Algorithms are being created for all kinds of things, including emotions. Emotions can be used by businesses to read their clients –

This kind of deep learning technology is unprecedented but can be useful to companies attempting to find out what their customers want. There is a lot of ground to cover because not every photograph has been tagged, and image quality might still play a huge factor when it comes to recognizing an image. Read more: Why image recognition is about to transform business

But visual search engines are truly leading the way into something that might have been found in a forward-thinking science fiction movie.

Dick DeVo’s Sailing Win and Cherity Contributions

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At the Junior Day of Melges 32 Gold Cup, while both the first and the second day were spectacular with the event of three races that are added to the scoreboard, with these three races were a big success. On this day, Dick DeVo’s lead by a single point, but with Alessandro Rombelli, who is the reigning world champ, close behind. The first race of the day, and race three of the series, was started under a beautiful day, which consisted of a slight breeze, lots of sunshine and calm seas. On this day, both DeVo’s and Rombelli got good starts and headed left to get good pressure. However, the shifting breeze gave afforded teams, such as Rombelli an opportunity for advancement. At the end of the day, at the finish of the race, Rombelli got the win after outpacing DeVos. However, DeVo’s finished just behind him in second place. The forth race in the series was possibly one of the toughest, as the competitors sailed for a long time. And on the five-leg and the final race of the day, thing’s didn’t get easier, as a puff of breeze came in pushing the speed from five to ten in a matter of seconds. During the downwind of the shifts and puffs, Dick DeVo’s was able to advance to eleven positions of the downwind of round second at the gate. DeVo’s continued took a big gain in a final weather mark, as he extended for a win. In the end of the race, DeVo’s came out on top for the USA with a score of 20.

Dick DeVo’s is an business man and entrepreneur from Michigan, and has been the CEO of a customer goods company that he has been worked for from 1993 to 2002. He has worked for the business of Amway, Orlando Magic and Amway/Alticor. He is also the founder and
president of the Dick and Betsy DeVo’s Foundation, which is a Grand Rapids foundation that has given thousands of dollar donations to artistic, educational, religious, civic, community and free-market organizations since 1990. Some of the organizations they donate to include Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Kids Hope USA and the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, amongst many others. And in 2010, the West Michigan Aviation Academy was opened under DeVo’s direction, being the first aviation public charter high school in the nation. And in September of 2010, DeVos was presented with the Art of Giving Award from the Spectrum Health Foundation.

Event Planning For The Elite

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As published in the Houston Culture Map article, events for flashy names are what made by those who make dreams a reality. Creating an event to match the expectations that you’ve come to dream about. It’s all about translating the immersive idea of a once in a lifetime event into a beautiful and real possibility. It’s spring and it’s a beautiful time to celebrate a wedding or ceremony with family and friends. A group like 23 Layers does just that.

23 Layers is a full planning and design firm who aim to surpass even your wildest perception of your dream event. They’ve produced events for some of the biggest names in pop culture and are ready to transform your event into a dazzling display. All the worries of planning an event can be more stressful than the actual event. Coordinating with so many different vendors and party goers is a nightmare. For a perfect event, 23 Layers removes all worries and allows you to focus on what’s really important, family and friends. Your special occasion will need food, designing and planning. A well choreographed combination of patience and communication will be needed. Allowing the professionals to take over is your only task.

The goal for the experienced team is to create memories that will last with you forever. Whether your event is a wedding ceremony, birthday or even a corporate gathering; 23 Layers has every detail covered. The team is well versed with years of experience. Their services range to non profit events as well. 23 Layers takes pride in producing a well run and beautiful event for your non profit get together. The relationships with vendors in lighting, catering and other areas of planning are trusted and reliable.

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Nutrimost Has Astonishing Weight Loss Results

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NutriMost is a diet program featured on NY Daily News that is helping thousands of people lose the weight that they have been unable to lose before now. It is a simple plan to follow. Nutrimost is assisting people to lose weight quickly. Most people that start the program finish with an astonishing weight loss. Nutrimost uses supplements so you are getting all the nutrition you need. Most weight loss programs seen on facebook force you to quit eating some things. You may have to give up carbohydrates or fats. These programs have a low maintenance level because most people give up quickly and go back to eating unhealthy. Nutrimost combines a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, supplements, and a lot of success.
Jeff was one of these people that loved to eat snacks at night and loved his soda. He would eat thousands in calories at night and then drink several high sugar content sodas on top of the snack. He went to the doctor just to learn he had diabetes. His many years of eating bad had made him sick. Now with the help of his doctor, he is trying to lose weight. His doctor was the one that recommended the Nutrimost recipes program ( to him. His doctor knew that if Jeff did not see immediate results he would not stick with the program. After a week Jeff had lost ten pounds. This was enough weight to make him need a belt. Jeff was happy but he still needed to lose another 90 pounds.

Jeff was happy to hear that news and to this date is still losing weight. To this date, he has lost a total of 67 pounds. He is anxious to lose the balance of the 90 so he can get off of the diabetes medication for good.