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Help With Doxxing Damage

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Doxxing is a colloquial term for document dumping, a practice that can cause a lot of troubles. The Daily published a helpful article on the subject of online document dumping. Darius Fisher, the president of the reputation management firm Status Labs, lent his experience to the advice presented in the article.

Document dumping comes in all forms and varieties. All modes of document dumping lead to the same disastrous end result: private information ends up being published online. People who steal email passwords via viruses would be one sincerely egregious way private info ends up online. Hence, the article suggests to change passwords regularly. Not using the same password for all email accounts would be another wise thing to do.

Then, there are completely legal – but annoying – actions third-parties take. Online resources that collect names, addresses, email, and other “public” information and publishing them online do have to respect privacy though. Making requests to have such information removed from the online resource should be honored if the subject makes such a request.

People so doxx themselves. Not setting the proper privacy settings on social media, for example, sends anything posted on a profile into the Google search engines. Enhancing privacy settings addresses this problem.

Googling oneself is not a bad idea either. This way, all things online associated with a particular person are revealed.

Darius Fisher does know a lot about keeping online names and reputations safe. He has helped numerous high-profile clients with such a task. Fisher authored numerous online articles to raise awareness about the serious nature of doxxing and reputation management. His advice should carry weight.

Darius Fisher has a strong professional background related to marketing and public relations. His professional resume includes work as a political consultant and an advertising copywriter. Both of these careers require controlling a message and making sure one is always presented in a positive manner. Many of the same skills he developed as a consultant and copywriter are carried over into his duties at Status Labs. Those who end up suffering from major online reputation mishaps often turn to Fisher and his firm for help. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.

Why Is Product Recognition Tech From Slyce Important?

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Product recognition tech from Slyce is one of the most important advances in the industry to date. They created it so that it could be used in a lot of different ways, and they have made sure that they have applied it to things that make a difference to people. The first thing that most people would use it for is shopping, and they can actually do that with the app that Slyce acquired to do this work. They have Pounce in their family, and they use the Slyce AI on the app. The app explains how to take the pictures, and the app gives instant results.

The search results that people get when they are in the app will point them to the citem they are looking for. That means that they will be able to shop for the item they want in moments. There is no reason to go on a long search to find it because Slyce can give the answer in seconds. That is what the app does before anything else, and it saves people a lot of time that would have been wasted just from searching.

The visual search that people do need to be done on the spot, and that helps them learn what they are looking at. They can find the alternative to something they see in a store, or they can find something that is like an old garment or item they like. It all depends on what their needs are at the time, and their needs become part of the Slyce technology. The searches get saved, and people can go back to check them out at any time. Someone could compile a whole shopping list from the app, and the pictures will lead users to the things they want to buy today.

Establishing and Maintaining your Brand Online with Wikipedia

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Online marketing is quickly becoming a godsend for small business and large corporations alike. It’s a quick, fast and easy way to launch your business or product without spending a fortune. But the common question remains, “Where do I start?” And once your reputation is built and your company has made an impact the ever more prevalent question is “How do I monitor my company’s online presence?” Well, we are here to help.

Marketing has changed
Over eleven billion Google searches happen worldwide on a monthly basis. Decades ago marketing was mainly for companies who had large annual budgets. Billboards would cost thousands monthly and then company owners were also pressured with the cost of buying more print ads and radio commercials to get their message across. This is not the case anymore! Sure, many corporations choose to go the traditional route, but most purchasers are finding their information online now and that’s where you should be marketing.

Wikipedia ranks in Google, and it ranks well
If you search the name of almost any company, Wikipedia is almost guaranteed to display on the first page of your Google results, and maybe even within the first three page results. If you’re not managing your Wikipedia page or if you haven’t created one yet, chances are you are losing potential customers without even knowing it!

The importance of brand and reputation management
Instant online changes are both a blessing and a curse. You can quickly update a Wikipedia page, but the same way you can change your page so can any Wikipedia user on this community run platform! Instead of spending hours creating and then maintaining your image you can now hire Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki to create, update or edit a Wikipedia page so you never have to worry about it again!

Get Your Wiki, ditch the worry
Your Wikipedia page will show up in Google searches, but false information or someone’s negative opinion of your business will never be on it again! Get Your Wiki, ditch the worry with the newest form of online reputation management.

Wen Wins Over the Pros!

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Wen hair by Chaz Dean, is a hair cleansing system that is a deep cleaning conditioning shampoo that does not have to lather. It can be found in only select Sephora salons that choose to purchase and use it on their clients. The public can purchase it online from Total Beauty or from one of the many infomercials by phone.

How Wen By Chaz Dean Won Over the Pros

Emily McClure is a professional stylist that decided to take Wen for a spin to see how it behaved on her hair which had a few issues of its own. Emily’s hair is very fine and she uses a good amount of styling product on it. Any shampoo she uses is going to have to stand up to it. See,

The first thing she notices was the amount of product that she was asked to use. It was 12 pumps and she thought this was a lot for hair her length which at the time was to the shoulder. But, this is what she discovered. She immediately found that there was an intense feeling of clean. Not just the hair but the Wen hair “Fig” flavor of the shampoo, which is what she used, is tingling on her scalp. She felt that it did its job in cleansing all the residue of the styling product she had used in the last two days.

As time went on, Emily noticed an extra drop in her curl. She continued to use Wen for over a week and on the 10th day or so she took an educated guess that it was adjusting to her hair. It worked the way it should.
She did contend that this flavor of Wen is good for those that are changing shampoos once or twice a week with their regular shampoo and change types.


NutriMost Sues Its Rival Healthy Living For An Unspecified Amount Of Money

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NutriMost gives you all the benefits of losing weight without having to exercise or diet. Their prepackaged meals can help you lose up to 40 pounds in 90 days. Their customers have given actual testimonials on their website about the benefits of NutriMost. Unfortunately, their rival Healthy Living has stolen their promotional video and put it on their website replacing it with the slogan “Can’t Lose Diet.” The federal court has issued a recent cease-and-desist order, but Healthy Living has failed to comply with this order and continues to threaten the goodwill reputation of the company by advertising misleading information with a similar ad taken from their website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost inventors can up with a technological approach to your diet matching you with the best meals according to your current weight and metabolism. They have real meat products that include salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken and beef. Customers get all the foods that they enjoy without ever having to go hungry or feel guilty about eating. Their prepackaged meals are guaranteed to take the weight off when and where you need it by following their simple doctor recommended meal program. Customers will be glad that they chose NutriMost for a faction of the cost of their competitors.

NutriMost is suing their rivals in court for an unspecified amount. However, they continue to out sell their competitor because of their proven results. Their doctor recommended program is highly recommended by chiropractor Dr. Ray Wisniewski as a safe and effective form of weight lose without diet, exercise, or drugs. Visit the NutriMost website for more details on how to lose with and never have to feel hungry.

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