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JustFab Inc. Ready To Go IPO With Successful Online Subscription Retailer

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Those who love to shop online for fashion like the variety, newest styles, convenience, quickness, availability and great prices. That’s why e-commerce has become the purchasing way of the future for brands like JustFab.

The young company seems to understand the online shopping formula, because they have sky-rocketed to the top, and even with a subscription membership model. Most of these kinds of start-ups do great at the beginning and then slowly erode into the background.

The LATimes took a look at JustFab Inc., its survival method and co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two business partners are branding experts with online companies, and the proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes.

JustFab is a personalized shopping experience for every VIP member, because the brand’s experts choose the right shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for the buyer’s boutique based on her favorite fashions and lifestyle habits. The concept appears to be working very well, because JustFab says they have more than 4 million VIP members worldwide, and the numbers keep growing. Learn more about JustFab:

JustFab divides its merchandise into five shopping categories, and VIP members choose from one of these style concepts: Trendsetter, Femme Nouveau, Bombshell, Modern Classic and Girl Next Door. When one joins as a VIP member, they receive 20% off their first item with free shipping. Whether to shop or not each month is up to the VIP, and if they choose not to, then they click on the “Skip The Month” button in their boutique by the 5th of each month. That way, the buyer will not be charged $39.95.

The numbers look fabulous for JustFab Inc, as the brand is poised to haul in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. It looks like the company is about to go public, with hints about an IPO this fall. IPO expert Todd Tappin has recently been named as JustFab’s chief financial officer.

JustFab also has successful off-shoots like Fabletics, FabKids, FL2 and well-known ShoeDazzle. All the clothes, shoes and accessories sold under the brands are designed at the LA JustFab headquarters.

How NOT To Handle A Negative Review

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A lot of the writing about online reputation management(ORM) focuses on how to respond to negative reviews–both from regular consumers and professional reviewers. They talk about responding positively, owning up to your business’ mistakes and trying to make amends, but according to website, one thing that they don’t tend to focus on is the huge negative effect that poor ORM can have–not just on your business, but on the consumer who left the review.
Well, Angie Orth’s story is a terrible, dark pit of an example of what can happen when a business does not conduct itself professionally. Angie is a reviewer from Jacksonville, Florida whose wedding was nearly ruined because of poor communication from the hotel she had booked for the event. Ongoing construction, closed restaurants and more made her special day less special. These negative events in turn cause her to write a negative review, and with proper ORM the situation could have ended there, or even turned positive.

Proper ORM is not what happened, however. A few months after she wrote her review, Angie started receiving strange messages on Twitter from an account belonging to a member of the resort’s onlne marketing team. What started as vague threats and harassment and eventually started becoming much more specific, mentioning her review and details about her guests and their spending–things that should never have been made public. Eventually, Angie was receiving upwards of 30 messages a day despite asking the account which was harassing her to stop, but it didn’t even stop there. The account began harassing friends, colleagues, professional acquaintances and potential employers.

Eventually, the threats became more specific. The account would send threats which included her home address or the addresses of her friends, and if she mentioned traveling anywhere he would say that he would be there too, waiting. The specific phrase “rest in peace” was mentioned. Luckily, Orth knew the proper procedure for when something like this happens and kept logs of all of the harassment, and nothing has happened to her offline because of this, but it is still a terrifying prospect that looks terrible for the business. Whether or not the harassment was ordered on the part of the business, it serves as a reminder that ORM may be more important than it seems.


IAP Worldwide Is Committed To Making Life Overseas Easier For Our Brave Troops

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IAP is a world leader in providing innovative professional and technical services for businesses in both the professional and private sector. They focus heavily on supplying U.S troops overseas with equipment needed to keep them safe, and help them remained focused on their missions. The company was founded in Irmo, SC in 1990 as a contractor with the U.S Army and helped supply American troops in Saudi Arabia with tools needed for a generator, providing emergency power when needed. They quickly expanded their servicer, and began contracting to provide other government services like power generation , emergency and general transportation and disaster relief services. Currently IAP Worldwide has government contracts that total more than $350 million.

While IAP has enjoyed great success since its launch, last year they acquired two business units from DRS Technologies and developed a strategy to further increase financial growth in the coming year. The new policy is based on the belief that IAP can prompt a stream of organic financial growth by focusing on customer-centered operations. In 2015, IAP received a share of a federal contract modification by Army Corps of Engineers that totaled $55 million. By taking a closer look at the needs of their clients. and developing more effective and efficient strategies to meet their business needs.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

IAP is committed to helping their clients overcome challenges. By approaching your situation as their own, they are able to empathize with each client, and fully understand the what is needed to solve or address their problems effectively. Over the last five years they have acquired more than three other companies, helping them build and building off of their reputation. They have over 1,500 employees and more than 110 locations all around the world. Their main focus is to create and provide the most innovative products and service to U.S. troops.

Our troops are important to us. They have all made a very selfless commitment to protect us and our country. Because of this, It is important to show our support and gratitude for them in anyway possible. The staff at IAP Worldwide strongly believes this. Our military has so much to focus on, they work tirelessly to provide a safer environment for us, for this reason IAP is committed to providing services that makes their extremely difficult jobs, a bit easier to do.

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Save Money on Your Cell Bill With FreedomPop

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FreedomPop has started making waves in the cellular carrier space for its interesting take on service plans. Rather than charge you a huge fee up front, with a lengthy contract you can’t get out of; FreedomPop offers free service, and only requires you to pay when you decide to use your phone a good bit. If you’re looking to get a first cell phone for your kids that they only use for emergency purposes, or a backup number for your own that you don’t plan on using too often, then FreedomPop can be an excellent solution worth looking into.

What’s Different?
FreedomPop is able to offer its discounted service in part because of how it provides it. While most prepaid cellular services are simply buying the space from another carrier, FreedomPop, which uses Sprint’s towers, is only purchasing data from Sprint, not any of the bandwidth typically used for voice and SMS messages on Sprint’s network. That means that everything you do on a FreedomPop phone is done over data, be it the WiFi network at your house or Sprint’s data network, rather than through other channels.

What Plans Are Available
The biggest difference between FreedomPop and their carriers is that it offers a truly free phone service. With the company’s free plan, you’re able to get 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data without spending a penny. If you’re looking fo a backup phone, then that will plenty to get you by f you only need to use it occasionally. If you plan on using your FreedomPop device as your regular phone, then you’ll likely need to upgrade to another one of FreedomPop’s plans; however, they’re all still quite affordable and under the cost of a plan from a traditional carrier.

For instance, you can score an unlimited plan from the company for just $20 a month. That means you can text, talk, and use as much data as you want, without spending anything more than the $20 (it’s actually $19.99).

The carrier also offers a WiFi-only service for $5 a month. You can connect to your WiFi at home, or anywhere else and have unlimited phone service. While it’s not a good idea for someone who travels away from WiFi often, if you’re looking for a “home” phone option, this could be the ticket.

The most important part of any cellular plan is likely the phone. With FreedomPop, you can bring your old phone form your previous network over and still use it with the service. FreedomPop also offers a number of phones on its website you can purchase, with prices starting at just $50.

If you’re willing to give it a shot, FreedomPop can definitely save you a ton of cash!

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