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Why You Should Be Using Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner

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Not everyone is familiar with WEN by Chaz but they should be. Wen’s hair products can be used on practically any type, length, and texture of hair. Buying the right shampoo and pairing it with the right conditioner can be very frustrating. Especially when you have to use multiple different brands to get your hair the way you like. Wen’s cleansing conditioners are an all-in-one product. The shampoo and conditioner is already included but there is also the added bonus of styling treatment. So instead of buying what could lead up to at least three products, Wen narrows it down to just one.

Emily McClure at Bustle did a little experiment of her own by using the infamous cleansing conditioner by Wen for about a week. McClure has naturally straight and fine hair so she was excited to see how the styling treatment would benefit her. After the first couple of days, McClure seems a bit disappointed and claims the cleansing conditioner is weighing down her roots and she isn’t getting much volume. She does point out that her hair looks healthier and she hasn’t had to clean her shower drain which regularly becomes clogged by stray hairs that fall out during washing her hair.

By day five, McClure was enjoying Wen’s cleansing conditioner but seemed a bit frustrated that after curling her hair the curls did not seem to hold but the overall softness of her hair quickly made up for this. While on a night out with friends, she receives many compliments on how shiny and great her hair looks. She is still getting used to the ten pumps needed from the cleansing conditioner as well as showering in the morning but overall it seems to have been a great experiment.

Wen by Chaz was created by Chaz Dean. His love for hair started when he was a photographer. He immediately became a stylist at the exclusive Bel Air salon in Los Angeles. Working his way up the ladder, Dean became manager of the salon in no time and eventually ended up buying the salon and filling the seats with celebrities thus becoming hairstylist to the stars. He moved his salon to Hollywood and renamed it the Chaz Dean Studio. Many celebrities feel the upscale salon is an escape from paparazzi and rigmarole that comes with being famous. Dean is always thinking and creating new products to suit his clients and anyone who wishes to have the hair they have always dreamed of having. Need Wen? Get it straight via Guthy-Renker online store or QVC stores nationwide.

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EOS lip balm has surged in popularity

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Lip balm has been a major industry for many years, but most people do not pay close attention to the industry. People do notice what they see at the grocery store, and over the last few years, you probably have noticed some changes in your grocery aisle. Have you noticed the egg-shaped lip balms in your checkout line at Wal-mart, Target, and Costco? These new lip balms are from Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, and they are changing the industry.
Evolution of Smooth is a truly revolutionary product. The balm is easy to pick up, apply, and store for later. They truly are the perfect impulse buy. EOS is very proud of their product, and they know the rounded lip balm pods is the perfect new trend. EOS is a great product and they hold several patents on their pods, but there are new competitors in the marketplace.

When you see egg-shaped pods in your grocery aisle you probably assume they are EOS products, but unfortunately there are many copycats. Unfortunately, these pods do not have the same quality level as EOS. EOS is frustrated by this new competition, but they remain committed to producing high-quality lip balm.

Evolution of Smooth lip balm is second to none in the industry. They pack their lip balms full of amazing flavor that will get you through the day. EOS also uses healthy ingredients like Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea buter. The end product is packed with antioxidants, hypoallergenic, and produces smooth and beautiful lips. Their products are available on Walmart stores and online retailers including and

Evolution of Smooth is changing the way lip balm is sold throughout the country. People are becoming healthier and happier thanks to the lip balm. There are several competitors in the market, but EOS plans to stay on top by continuing to offer natural and amazing lip balm. For more info, watch the YouTube infomercial about EOS products.

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Mike Baur And The Swiss Startup Factory

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Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory are the best place for new companies to come when they are trying to be sure to get the funding they need. These companies are amazing places with amazing ideas, and they are in need of money that will help them put together their ideas with good practices. These companies will save a lot of money using Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory, and there are other people who will get to work with Michael Hartweg on the digital startup money that they need.


There are a lot of companies that need help getting money to make their biggest project work, and they can apply for it when they come to the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur has the information that every company that needs to get their funding, and they are going to make it much easier to get their work done. Mike Baur knows how to work out a deal to get his clients the money they need, and he will be sure that every client is happy with the cash they have been given.


The cash that is given is meant mostly for digital startups, and the cash can be used to create any kind of business or product that the client wants. There are many people who need to get this money because there is no other way for them to get their business going, and they can get it from Mike Baur. Mike Baur will work up a plan that works for his clients, and he creates a platform that makes it easy for them to get the money and support.


The money and support that someone gets from the Swiss Startup Factory will help them set up their business the right way with the right support. It makes sense for these companies to have their time working with Mike Baur, and they will be able to learn to manage themselves. They will have a mentor in Mike Baur and Michael Hartweg, and they will be able to take the cash that they have gotten to use for their betterment.


SEC Whistleblower Program Success Adds To The Record Of Labaton Sucharow

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The financial meltdown of 2008 has led to some major changes taking place in the financial markets of the U.S., but few of the choices made in the Dodd-Franki Act have been as successful as that seen in the SEC Whistleblower program. One of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act, SEC Whistleblower lawyer Jordan A. Thomas now heads a team at the Labaton Sucharow law firm who are specializing in protecting whistleblowers who are looking to bring evidence of wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Labaton Sucharow have recently brought attention to their latest success as a specialist SEC whistleblower group with news of a $17 million reward settlement being awarded to a client of the firm. Mr. Thomas is a specialist in bringing clients to the SEC Whistleblower program who wish to take advantage of the skills the law firm brings to the program; Labaton Sucharow have assisted clients in cases where the law firm can help keep a client’s identity safe and make sure their monetary reward is as large as possible.

Labaton Sucharow will work with their clients from before the initial contact is made with the Securities and Exchange Commission to make sure every possible piece of evidence is in place for their clients to use. This means clients bring their evidence to the specialist team of lawyers, researchers, and financial experts for them to look over and decide if the case stands a good chance of succeeding. Further issues the law firm will investigate include determining what level of fines can be expected against the company committing the wrongdoing and how much reward the individual can expect. Mr. Thomas and his team at Labaton Sucharow are specialists in keeping the identity of a whistleblower safe, and ensuring the individual receives as much of the 10 to 30 percent of any fines brought by the SEC as possible.

The SEC Whistleblower program at Labaton Sucharow is rightfully pleased about the $17 million award to its client, which has been rated as the second largest in the six year history of the program. Anonymity is a major factor in the SEC Whistleblower program that each and every individual is assured of as the SEC does not detail which cases whistleblowers were part of, and pays monetary rewards from a $400 million fund created by the U.S. Congress.

IAP Worldwide Offers Many Services

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IAP Worldwide, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, is one of the worlds leading providers in logistics, facility management as well as professional and technical services, both to the United States and countries around the globe. The company was former known as International American Products, but changed the company name in 2005. The company was founded back in 1990 in the city of Cape Canaveral in Florida. Today, IAP Worldwide have office branches scattered across the United States and in more than 25 other countries.

The company currently employs a staff of around two thousand people who are responsible for all the challenges and hard work that goes on behind the company to meet the needs of both the public and private sector. With the number of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals working behind IAP Worldwide, they are capable of handling any logistic or technical situation. Starting back at the company’s predecessors, IAP Worldwide has been in business for more than 60 years since its inception, and they have built a strong reputation as being trustworthy and dependable, always ready to meet the needs of the customer in no time at all. IAP Worldwide operates day and night, always ready to help out when they are needed, as they strive to put their clients needs ahead of everything else and ensure total customer happiness.

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IAP Worldwide’s history starts more than 60 years ago, back when Pan Am world Services was first helping with space launches in Florida. It was during this time that the company was involved in more than 2,000 different spacecraft launches. Over many decades they built up their services and are able to provide support in a variety of different areas, including engineering, facility management, and more.

Over time, IAP Worldwide has managed to grow through the acquisition of many other companies, such as G3 Systems, Aviation and Logistics, Tactical Communications & Network Solutions. All of these acquired companies help improve on the companies services as a whole as well as spread their reach even further around the globe. Today they are one of the highest regarded companies that are known to provide only the very best services, which is why they have private contracts with several different governments, including the United States.

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