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IAP Worldwide Wants Your Thoughts

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As a global leader in technology, facilities, and more, IAP Worldwide takes pride in everything that it stands for. However, this company started out with just a handful of IT specialists. IAP Worldwide then began to get ideas regarding ways to make the company better and regarding products to bring forth more sales. In not time, this company was known in several countries, and now they are known all over the world.

IAP services is again calling on the public on Hoovers. They would like any person with an idea to make the company better or with a product idea to contact them. A representative will contact you in just a few hours to tell you if the idea will work for the company. You have nothing to lose. Once you submit, even if your idea is not chose, you can continue to submit ideas.

If your idea is chosen by this company, you will immediately be given financial compensation on that is suitable for you. Moreover, you will forever receive financial compensation if the product or service you came up with continues to be used by the company. Between up front payments and long-term financial compensation, millions of dollars have already been paid out. Many individuals were able to restart their lives, go back to school, get out of debt, and more, just by pitching an idea to this company.

Pitching an idea to this company is simple. All you have to do is go to their website and click the tab displaying the word “partners.” Here you will have two choices. More information on You can either wait to receive a phone call and speak with someone over the phone, or you can write out your idea for review. You will also be filling out some financial information. This is so that if your idea is chosen you will be paid as soon as possible.

Another amazing thing about having an idea accepted by this company on is that you join an entire team of individuals that have contributed ideas to this company. You picture will be placed on a wall at the IAP headquarters, and all clients of IAP will know that you came up with a specific idea or service. Moreover, you will be receiving a certificate displaying your idea or service. IAP even takes the liberty of copyrighting your service so that no one is able to submit the same or even similar service.

U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

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The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by the gold market veterans who realized the necessity to combine expert marketing knowledge, high-end customer service, and the trustworthy guidance required when buying these metals. For a fact, the United States Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of state-issued silver, gold, and platinum coins. The United States Money Reserve has the pleasure of working with over 600,000 customers from the country who take advantage of financial implications presented by the wise purchase.

While the US Money Reserve, they strive to provide exceptional state-issued silver, gold, and lethal products in the country. For more than a decade of robust professional experience, the United States Money Reserve has won the trust of many clients to choose the high-value coins for them. Due to the wise purchase and excellent advice they provide, they continue to stay ahead of the race. When it comes to buying the precious metals, the United States Money Reserve is the number one choice for everyone. Many of their clients are in gain.

As a United States Money Reserve client, you get the service of well-trained team of more than 100 knowledgeable professionals including:
• Senior Gold Specialists
• Inventory Department
• Customer Relations Department
• Sales Verification Personnel
• Vault and Shipping Department
• Industry Leading Numismatic Expert
• Business Support Development
• Coin Research Professionals
• Compliance and Standards Department

The current United States Money Reserve President and the former United States Mint Director, Philip N. Diehl, sat down in a chat with the Entrepreneurial Network Podcast Radio. This show serves as the benchmark for small business owners, top executives, and entrepreneurs to share their latest services, products, creations, strategies, and experiences. This interview is one of the many appearances he has made in the media this year. He talked about topics concerning his leadership skills, the future of the gold markets, and the United States Money Reserve reliable customer service.

Philip N. Diehl, the current president of the United States Money Reserve, is considered among one of the most accomplished directors in the history of precious metal purchases. He is responsible for the Quarter Program run in over 50 states and the minting of the first state-issued precious metal coin. During his tenure at the United States Mint, he transformed the company from a backward economy to a top-notch business. Customer satisfaction is one of his primary goals. While he was president, he has employed his entrepreneurial skills and customer satisfaction commitment.

Securus Technologies Defends Itself Against Inaccurate GTL Press Release

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Recently Securus Technologies published a press release on their own, clearing up any inaccuracies that were published by Global Tel Link (GTL) in regards to the legalities surrounding patents that were being disputed.


The patents in question are regarding certain aspects of video technology that GTL claims Securus is using without permission these claims include:


GTL claims that all their patents were validated, which Securus claims is not the case as the patents have not been validated and the United States Patent Office have fused to review the case delivered from GTL.


GTL claims that they are months away from final, judicial deliberation. Securus refutes these claims, stating that legal matters regarding patents can take years and a big amount of money to dispute. Securus also is confident that they will win as they state they do not use any GTL technology in their video visitation technology.


And lastly, GTL states allegations again Securus Technologies honor in dealing with patent violations. Whereas, according to the Securus legal track record, they have worked on amicable partnerships with those that have violated Securus technology patients in the past allowing use of Securus technology at a cost.


Securus CEO Rick Smith has voiced his concern that GTL wants to get involved with such a drawn out and costly process. He is worried the GTL may bankrupt themselves over a dispute that Rick and Securus clearly state they are not in violation of.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and offer services to 3,400 public buildings and over 1,200,000 inmates. Some of the services Securus offers are: emergency response, information management, incident management, inmate self service, investigate, and biometric analysis.


Former Hawks Basketball Owners Sue Because of Ferry Settlement

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The former owner group of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team has filed an official lawsuit against their former insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. Per the lawsuit, Hampshire Insurance Company breached the contract surrounding a settlement surrounding claims by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.

The lawsuit filed on September 13th outlines breach of contract and insurance bad faith. According to Ferry, certain coverage were to be contained in the policy, and it was later determined that they were not even mentioned in the documents.

According to many resources, the Hawks basketball team filed an insurance claim with AIG and the claim was never paid out. Until further research was done, the reason for this was unknown.

The exact amount of the civil claim is confidential and a non-disclosure has been signed by all parties to ensure that the information surrounding the lawsuit is not disclosed. This ensures there is no damage done to either party, and neither company suffers significant damages after the civil suit is complete.

Even though it has not been officially announced, there is an extremely high chance that Bruce Levenson and his partners will win the lawsuit. Open information about the lawsuit states that AIG will not participate, or stand openly in their own defense. AIG also refuses to admit that a claim was made on the policy, even though the Levenson has copies of the paperwork related to the claim.

Who is Bruce Levenson?

Bruce Levenson is a native of Washington D.C. He is a graduate of Washington University, and received his law degree from American University. He is extremely familiar with the media, and media attention, since he paid his way through college as a journalist for the Washington Star.

A Forbes billionaire, Bruce Levenson is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He also served as the team governor on the NBA board. He is also the co-founder of the United Communications Group, which was founded in 1977.

Levenson has also spent a great deal of time in other business ventures. He was one of the members who founded the Board of Directors for the publicly traded TechTarget, a massive technology based media company.

FreedomPop Has All Kinds Of Great Services For Their Customers

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Everyone thinks that a cell phone service provider is only supposed to provide wireless services for phones. FreedomPop is breaking any stereotype that people have about wireless companies because they are offering a whole lot of services that range from cell phone service to home Internet service. Most people will get their cell phone service from a different provider than their home Internet service, but those who are FreedomPop customers can get everything in one place. Even those who need portable hotspots or Wi-Fi service can also get it from FreedomPop as well.

A FreedomPop review can be so informative, especially when a person wants to know everything about the company and what they’re offering. The Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop is offering is a service that costs only five dollars every month. After downloading the Wi-Fi application from any application store, the user will sign up for the service and pay their monthly fee. The information used for the application makes every user identifiable, so the likelihood of having hackers in the system is very unlikely unless they don’t mind being identified through the application. The Wi-Fi service will also provide up to 4G LTE speeds to its users in millions of locations.

Those that are interested in portable hotspots will have a treat because FreedomPop has several of them that are very small in size. The portable hotspots will receive 500 MB of free data monthly, and data plans are available at a low cost for these hotspots as well. Home Internet service is available once a customer gets a FreedomPop Hup, and the Wi-Fi service is also available through the hub as well. With 1 GB of free data included in the home Internet service, those that want extra data can just purchase it when they want it.

Cell phones and tablets are available on the FreedomPop website or through a retailer that deals with FreedomPop services. Getting cell phone service from FreedomPop is easy and can be used on several types of phones, including phones that take sim cards. FreedomPop sells a sim card that has three different sizes and can be used in any phone. Cell phone service with FreedomPop is free of cost unless the customer wants to get the paid plan or an unlimited plan that starts at $19.99 monthly. Virtually any unlocked cell phone can be used with FreedomPop as well as an unlocked tablet.

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