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George Soros: Politico recap

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When it comes to politics, George Soros is one of the most well-known names out there. Although his candidate Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote-and subsequently the election—Mr. Soros has pledged to remain a loyal part of the system. In fact, in the stressful days following the 2016 election, Soros and other liberal bigwigs took action instead of wallowing in pity. Meeting with top Democratic officials, the group with George Soros pledged to find a way to move forward despite the disappointing Rust Belt returns on November 8.

The group was organized in their approach, organizing into different sessions to approach various topics that will affect the Democrats in the years to come. By splitting into different groups to address issues such as mid-term elections like George Soros, these Democrats worked on expanding their reach.

After undergoing a period of intense self-reflection, the group focused upon the importance of learning the right lessons from the disastrous 2016 election. Although some have referred to the Democratic party as being in tatters due to the loss, many in the George Soros camp point out the fact that Clinton still did win the popular vote by almost three million.

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Many highlighted the fact that the election hadn’t been truly unsuccessful for the Democratic party; the failure was merely a matter of getting more Democrats to the polls in key places. The president of this group urged for a high-level analysis of what went wrong—without any finger-pointing. Obviously, since many felt that inaccurate polling played a huge part in the election, that was another issue that was covered extensively during the meetings. This group aimed to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find out exactly what went wrong—and how to fix it in the future.

Over many phone calls and meetings, representatives and donors discussed how the Democratic party needed to become more engaged at the state and local levels. It should be noted that this group means business; when they decide to donate to a cause or bring attention to it, they succeed. Over the past decade or so, they have donated a whopping half a billion dollars to causes that they believe are important.

Although George Soros hasn’t always been heavily involved in campaigns, he did donate an impressive $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His continued presence at meetings and on phone calls means that he is fully committed to fighting the good fight for the Democrats.

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed By Car Payments, Refinance With Ignition Financial

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Have you ever gotten so sick and tired of making monthly payments on your car loan that you asked yourself, “is it possible to slash my payments?” It’s highly unlikely that anyone who has car payments hasn’t thought of this at one point or another, especially when their budget for the month is shrinking over time because of many different problems that they may be facing. Some have lost their jobs, so may get laid off, and some may have their hours cut. Whatever the reason may be, refinancing your car can help you cut your payments down and can give you the break you need from high monthly car payments.


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What Ignition Financial does is to look to different lenders to see which one would fit you best, and the lender that has the best terms and prices is the one you are most likely to go with. Once you’re in agreement, your payment terms will be set, and you start making payments at a lower rate that will only save you money. Ignition Financial also looks out for their customers by adding initially in the taxes and fees that may catch a customer off guard later on.


There are so many benefits to be had when a car is refinanced, so why wait until your payments become overwhelming before you decide to get refinanced? All you need is a few minutes ago to the Ignition Financial website to fill out the application to be on your way to refinancing your loan. Also, please note that even if you have multiple cars that need refinancing, Ignition Financial is your one-stop shop for refinancing, especially since there are many vendors that they work with who can help you.


Bruce Levenson Files Lawsuit Against AIG for Failure to Cover Wrongful Termination

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Bruce Levenson is leading the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC in a lawsuit against insurance AIG. The groups filed the lawsuit on September 13th at the Superior Court in Fulton County. Levenson and the AHBE are former owners of the Atlanta Hawks franchise. On June 22, 2015, an undisclosed buyout agreement was made between former general manager Danny Ferry and the AHBE organization. According to Levenson and the AHBE, the AIG insurance company covered them for certain issues relating to employment practices. The group felt that certain acts such as “Wrongful Termination” occurred during the buyout agreement made with Danny Ferry. AIG is refusing to claim they had covered the AHBE for any such damages. Tony Ressler, the current owner of the Hawks, has remained silent on the dispute as both parties involved are no longer associated with the franchise.

Bruce Levenson was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland by a middle class family. Levenson received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis. According to, he continued his education at American University where he graduated law school. It was during this time that Levenson landed his first job at the Washington Star in journalism. Motivated by his passion for journalism, Levenson founded United Communications Group with his partner Ed Peskowitz. Started in 1977, UCG began operating out of a small apartment above the shop of Levenson’s father. The duo began printing a newsletter by the name of Oil Express. The publication focused on happenings in the oil industry. UCG continued to grow as it acquired other similar companies and expanded its operations. Today, UCG stands as one of the leading providers of business information by offering their clients news, analysis and data. They work with a variety of different industries such as energy, technology, healthcare and more.

Besides his active business pursuits, Levenson is very active philanthropically as well. He worked to help lower-income families afford higher education by leading the Washington division of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson was also an active contributor to the local Community Foundation of Washington. His love for basketball drove Levenson to become involved in the Hoop Dreams Foundation as well.