Alexei Beltyukov’s Success In Business And Educating Young People

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur who currently advises the Russian government in economics and business through the Skolkovo Foundation. He also recently joined the executive board of Solvy, a math-solving platform for high school students and teachers.

Beltyukov has been working to enhance Solvy’s features to bring a more customized approach for teachers to give out math assignments to students, while at the same time providing coaching to students who struggle with various math problems.

It’s not merely designed to just have students find the right answer but to actually show them how they should go about solving problems, and it actually tracks the work they do to solve a problem. Learn more about more Alexei Beltyukov:

Beltyukov has helped many people pursue their dreams of starting up a business and he believes anyone driven to succeed can do it if they’re willing to work to get over hurdles. Beltyukov has had to work very hard to get where he is today.

He started out in the medical profession many years ago, but when the Berlin Wall fell and the Russian economy collapsed he struggled to put food on the table. So he started working multiple jobs including teaching and selling products such as pepper spray and prescription drugs.

But then he decided to try out a new education at INSEAD University’s business school, though he himself didn’t know exactly what this new career would look like.

Euro Hockey said that upon graduating from INSEAD, Alexei Beltyukov started as a consultant for private equity firms. He started increasing his salary from what it had been as a doctor and salesman, but he wanted to do more.

In 2004, Alexei Beltyukov and several other entrepreneurs started working for a major business mogul who owned some major companies, and Beltyukov was placed in charge of some of the less profitable companies to see if he could turn them around.

Among the restructuring work he did with the companies, Beltyukov had helped build automobile repair chain Mechanicus, and an oil refinery company named New Gas Technologies.

Beltyukov has also started Endemic Capital and A-Ventures, two venture capital companies that help fund Russian startup companies.