Bruce Levenson and former Hawks ownership file a lawsuit against Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson has played multiple roles in his life as a businessman, a philanthropist, and an NBA team owner. He is recognized as one of the member-owners to the basketball team of Atlantic Hawk and the Philips Arena. Since 2004, Mr. Levenson has been working with the NBA Board of Governors as the Governor to Hawks.

Washington D.C is the place where this great man, Bruce Levenson was born and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University and later proceeded to the American University, School of Law of Law. Mr. Levenson started his journalism career while still in the University working with the Washington Post. He is among the United Communication Group founders with the other founder partner being Edward Peskowitz.

Last month, his team in collaboration with the Entertainment LLC filed a litigation on contract breaching against the New Hampshire Insurance Company also referred to as AIG. The breach of contract involved claims settlement made by Danny Ferry the previous general manager to the Insurance Company.

The litigation had not involved the current ownership of Harks Group in Office headed by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler who is the principal owner. Bruise Levenson was included as a controlling partner to the Hawks ownership group. The lawsuit against the Insurance Company was filled to the Fulton County’s Superior County on 13th September 2016. According to the Insurance

Company, they were not limited to “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful termination” among other losses in the policy for coverage.

The relationship between Ferry and Hawks was ended on 22nd June 2015, and the sale of the franchise to the group headed by Ressler was approved two days later. The Hawks ownership were however not aware of the complaints that the involved principals were no longer in a tie with the Atlanta Hawk organization.

According to the lawsuit, the AIG declined to acknowledge the claim made, the policy which was triggered and also to defend itself against the claim or accept the coverage. The contract breach was alleged by the lawsuit since the covered losses were not paid in the settlement. The Lawsuit requested for an additional 50 percent penalty of the loss not paid was to be paid and also the Attorney’s costs and fees.