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End Citizens United Declares War On The Big Money 20

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Compromising Personal Views

In order for politicians to get enough funds to proceed with their campaigns around the election time, they sometimes have to use unconventional methods. One of such endeavors is promising donors to do something that does not exactly align with the public vision of the campaign. This is when one can say that financial aspects influence the future of citizens who do not have much impact on the special interest groups.

This issue is well known to the political action committee “End Citizens United”. The organization has been in the business of going against those politicians who succumb to the large donors and their latest attack comes in form of a “Big Money 20” list. The President of the organization, Tiffany Muller, has openly discussed the meaning of the list and what the goal of it is.

Enter the Big Money 20

Big Money 20 contains twenty Republican names that are most notorious for their acceptance of financial donations which clouded judgment at some point. End Citizens United stands against those who go against their personal views just to benefit a special interest group that has paid for their campaign. This is what the primary purpose of the list is, according to Muller. She further claims that every politician who is a part of the Big Money 20 will face an intense backlash from this PAC during their reelection in 2018.

The organization and its 3 million members are going above and beyond to prevent people who they see as less ethical from getting another term. To do so, the goal is to raise $35 million which will be used to support opposing campaigns, raise awareness of the issue, and impact law-makers to change the Citizens United Supreme Court decision.


A Brief History

This PAC has been around for only 2 years yet it still gathered a scary number of people who support what it stands for. In 2010, Supreme Court ruled against F.E.C. and decided that American elections will be opened to large donations. The decision set a precedent according to which corporations can influence campaigns as if they were individuals who simply donate large amounts of capital. Expectedly, money that large corporations are able to donate exceeds what most average people can give away and thus makes them voiceless. End Citizens United was formed in Washington to fight against this injustice that President Muller sees as something many Americans support.

The impact, however, might come a little short to the enthusiasm. Experts believe that most of the people on the Big Money 20 are relatively immune to these attacks and their re-election will not suffer great repercussion from defamation.


George Soros: Politico recap

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When it comes to politics, George Soros is one of the most well-known names out there. Although his candidate Hillary Clinton lost the electoral vote-and subsequently the election—Mr. Soros has pledged to remain a loyal part of the system. In fact, in the stressful days following the 2016 election, Soros and other liberal bigwigs took action instead of wallowing in pity. Meeting with top Democratic officials, the group with George Soros pledged to find a way to move forward despite the disappointing Rust Belt returns on November 8.

The group was organized in their approach, organizing into different sessions to approach various topics that will affect the Democrats in the years to come. By splitting into different groups to address issues such as mid-term elections like George Soros, these Democrats worked on expanding their reach.

After undergoing a period of intense self-reflection, the group focused upon the importance of learning the right lessons from the disastrous 2016 election. Although some have referred to the Democratic party as being in tatters due to the loss, many in the George Soros camp point out the fact that Clinton still did win the popular vote by almost three million.

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Many highlighted the fact that the election hadn’t been truly unsuccessful for the Democratic party; the failure was merely a matter of getting more Democrats to the polls in key places. The president of this group urged for a high-level analysis of what went wrong—without any finger-pointing. Obviously, since many felt that inaccurate polling played a huge part in the election, that was another issue that was covered extensively during the meetings. This group aimed to leave no stone unturned in the quest to find out exactly what went wrong—and how to fix it in the future.

Over many phone calls and meetings, representatives and donors discussed how the Democratic party needed to become more engaged at the state and local levels. It should be noted that this group means business; when they decide to donate to a cause or bring attention to it, they succeed. Over the past decade or so, they have donated a whopping half a billion dollars to causes that they believe are important.

Although George Soros hasn’t always been heavily involved in campaigns, he did donate an impressive $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. His continued presence at meetings and on phone calls means that he is fully committed to fighting the good fight for the Democrats.

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Thor Halvorssen Speaks Up About Bernie Sanders

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Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation, and he is very familiar with all the human rights problems that are going on around the world. The people around the world who are in the worst position possible, and they are living under terrible governments that take everything from the people for the good of the state. The word communist has been used to describe Bernie Sanders, but he is not a communist. He is a democratic socialist, and Thor Halvorssen wanted to explain the difference.

Thor Halvorssen has seen what communist countries have done around the world, and he explained to Fox News that those countries do not use tax dollars for the people. He knows that Bernie Sanders wants to use as many tax dollars as he can for the people. That is going to allow the people to benefit more from the state, and there are going to be better services overall. South America and Scandinavia have such governments, and in Thor’s heritage, he knows that those governments work. He wants people to give Bernie Sanders a chance to see if he can use tax dollars to help people get the services they need.

He also wants people to remember that inclusion in a socialist society is much easier to grasp because the state is for the people. Thor Halvorssen thinks that America has gotten away from that principle, and it is possible to get back on track with help from someone like Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is an amazing politician who has very high ideals for the country. He wants to see everyone feel like they are getting what they need, and he wants to show people that they can use their tax dollars for things other than corporate bailouts.

Anyone who does not like the establishment is going to like Bernie Sanders, and they need to get the word communism out of their minds. Someone like Bernie Sanders is going to help real people with his plans. Thor Halvorssen has seen governments like this work, and it helps everyone in the nation who is in need of assistance.

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