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COSMOS – A meetup Group Designed to Encourage Change Facilitated by Eric Lefkofsky

Published / by BDtop

Eric Lefkofsky, cofounder of Tempus explains the importance of technology and its use in industries all around us. Because of the increased availability of technology today, it’s important that innovation keeps up with evolutionary changes that are taking place around us every day. He has spent the past two decades creating and expanding the use of technologies in multiple industries. His work in media, printing, manufacturing & logistics have exposed him to the need for using big data towards making Industries competitive and effective.

His latest development has been the company Tempus, that focuses on innovative technology and medical research. This software and computational analysis company involves bio information and oncology to create sustainable research solutions for cancer patients. The implications of this work are profound and affect health care administrators, insurance providers, surgeons, nurses and all other aspects of clinical care.

In order to keep up with innovation and change, it’s important for stronger healthcare communities to focus on technology and to incorporate new methods of data collection into research. This will help inform the development of new treatments while building on what information can be sought out easily today.

Driving Innovation will rest greatly on the availability of computational science and technology. Building more help technology in Chicago is one of the outcomes that Eric Lefkofksy hopes to accomplish. His initiatives have driven him to create the meet-up group called COSMOS. It includes computational scientists as well as people who perform specialized molecular data analysis. Using these multi-dimensional types of research, it will be possible to strengthen the scientific community and encourage a culture of sharing data and collecting information on a larger scale.

Tackling the larger problems of healthcare starts with gathering information and data. By integrating technology based on software and clinical needs, it will be possible for healthcare systems to deliver better results for patients that they hope to heal. These are trends that must be capitalized on in order to have the most successful results in the long run. By contributing to a greater level of integration between technology data science and health care, cancer patients as well as others will benefit greatly for years to come.