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Event Planning For The Elite

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As published in the Houston Culture Map article, events for flashy names are what made by those who make dreams a reality. Creating an event to match the expectations that you’ve come to dream about. It’s all about translating the immersive idea of a once in a lifetime event into a beautiful and real possibility. It’s spring and it’s a beautiful time to celebrate a wedding or ceremony with family and friends. A group like 23 Layers does just that.

23 Layers is a full planning and design firm who aim to surpass even your wildest perception of your dream event. They’ve produced events for some of the biggest names in pop culture and are ready to transform your event into a dazzling display. All the worries of planning an event can be more stressful than the actual event. Coordinating with so many different vendors and party goers is a nightmare. For a perfect event, 23 Layers removes all worries and allows you to focus on what’s really important, family and friends. Your special occasion will need food, designing and planning. A well choreographed combination of patience and communication will be needed. Allowing the professionals to take over is your only task.

The goal for the experienced team is to create memories that will last with you forever. Whether your event is a wedding ceremony, birthday or even a corporate gathering; 23 Layers has every detail covered. The team is well versed with years of experience. Their services range to non profit events as well. 23 Layers takes pride in producing a well run and beautiful event for your non profit get together. The relationships with vendors in lighting, catering and other areas of planning are trusted and reliable.

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