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Fabletics Plans to take on Amazon

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The online web store Amazon controls a shocking 20% of the fashion market. It is a somewhat daunting task to take them on. Somehow the Fabletics athletic wear brand has succeeded in taking on the Amazon online “super store”. Fabletics managed to pull in a massive profit despite the competition. They made a staggering $250 million in the past three years. They are not afraid to step up to the plate to compete against Amazon by creating the best price, personalized shopping experience, and innovative products.


Part of the reason they were so successful in taking on Amazon was their business model gives them repeat business typically. The membership system with Fabletics ensures customers will buy again most likely. This business model is convenient and gives consumers a decent price for their buck. The cost of products is often the first concern of customers. Typically how something looks matters considerably, but customers are always influenced by prices as a way to determine where they should shop.


The Fabletics brand has done so well with their business model because they are additionally able to personalize shopping experiences. They are additionally able to create incredible discounts with the use of VIP memberships. By allowing members to fill out a quiz the Fabletics company is able to get to know each individual customer’s needs. After a Fabletics VIP member logs into the website, they are provided with Fabletics athletic wear selections based on those quiz results. Amazon does not provide a quiz for their customers to better understand what athletic wear a consumer prefers. Amazon is not as personalized with their sales approach. They do have a selection of products they recommend to customers based on what products an Amazon customer looks at or buys. Fabletics is a far more keyed in and perceptive approach to how they make recommendations to their customers.


The Fabletics company’s approach to stay modern and create great products that are always innovative is yet another reason why the Fabletics company has done well under the Amazon domination of online shopping. The Amazon website sells whatever athletic wear retailers are willing to list on their web store. This means they might or might not have more modern athletic wear options. Fabletics specializes in athletic wear, so they are more reliable for modern and constantly updated looking clothing options. They enjoy creating updated patterns and unique futuristic looking designs for their athletic wear and athleisure wear.

Doe Deere Likes Taking Risks

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Doe Deere is the very fashion conscious CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. The founder of one of the most popular makeup lines in the country has plenty to say about beauty, fashion, and makeup. Certainly, people listen to Deere. She is definitely difficult to ignore. When she walks into a room, people stop and stare because she is a wonderful palette of colors and styles wrapped into one beautiful package. Deere is one smart cookie, with a talent for combining colors, patterns, and materials together. Doe Deere has quite a lot to say about women and the way they dress.

Doe Deere Believes In Taking Risks
Doe Deere is the pastel haired CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is one woman that believes in taking risks with the way she dresses and the colors that she wears. Deere believes that the only way to find true style is through taking a risk. A few of her biggest risks involve stepping on a few fashion beliefs. For example, mixing colors. Deere believes that mixing colors together is a fun way to express your style and creativity. Style is something that is personal. Creativity develops your personal style. Doe Deere believes in mixing several colors together. However, Deere has a fashion trick to make sure the colors look good together. Just make sure that the colors compliment each other and do not look too garish. Doe Deere suggest starting with one bold color that you would not normally wear. Certainly, this step will help build confidence about wearing several bold colors together.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the very creative founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her beginnings might still be a mystery to some of her fans. Deere was born in Russia. During those early formative years, Deere developed a fascination with bold colors and fashion. Later on, she moved to America and settled in New York City. The major move to New York intensified her love for colors and fashion. Deere began a quest to find makeup that matched her bold and unique style. She quickly discovered that the type of bold colors she liked, were sadly lacking in the makeup world. She decided to start Lime Crime Makeup in 2008.

Lime Crime is a unique makeup company that manufactures bold colors in lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadows. Doe Deere started the company with the idea of capturing the attention of women that preferred bold colors to express their personality. Today, Lime Crime has certainly conquered that market.