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Bruce Levenson Files Lawsuit Against AIG for Failure to Cover Wrongful Termination

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Bruce Levenson is leading the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC in a lawsuit against insurance AIG. The groups filed the lawsuit on September 13th at the Superior Court in Fulton County. Levenson and the AHBE are former owners of the Atlanta Hawks franchise. On June 22, 2015, an undisclosed buyout agreement was made between former general manager Danny Ferry and the AHBE organization. According to Levenson and the AHBE, the AIG insurance company covered them for certain issues relating to employment practices. The group felt that certain acts such as “Wrongful Termination” occurred during the buyout agreement made with Danny Ferry. AIG is refusing to claim they had covered the AHBE for any such damages. Tony Ressler, the current owner of the Hawks, has remained silent on the dispute as both parties involved are no longer associated with the franchise.

Bruce Levenson was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland by a middle class family. Levenson received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis. According to, he continued his education at American University where he graduated law school. It was during this time that Levenson landed his first job at the Washington Star in journalism. Motivated by his passion for journalism, Levenson founded United Communications Group with his partner Ed Peskowitz. Started in 1977, UCG began operating out of a small apartment above the shop of Levenson’s father. The duo began printing a newsletter by the name of Oil Express. The publication focused on happenings in the oil industry. UCG continued to grow as it acquired other similar companies and expanded its operations. Today, UCG stands as one of the leading providers of business information by offering their clients news, analysis and data. They work with a variety of different industries such as energy, technology, healthcare and more.

Besides his active business pursuits, Levenson is very active philanthropically as well. He worked to help lower-income families afford higher education by leading the Washington division of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson was also an active contributor to the local Community Foundation of Washington. His love for basketball drove Levenson to become involved in the Hoop Dreams Foundation as well.


Former Hawks Basketball Owners Sue Because of Ferry Settlement

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The former owner group of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team has filed an official lawsuit against their former insurance company, New Hampshire Insurance Company. Per the lawsuit, Hampshire Insurance Company breached the contract surrounding a settlement surrounding claims by Danny Ferry, the former general manager.

The lawsuit filed on September 13th outlines breach of contract and insurance bad faith. According to Ferry, certain coverage were to be contained in the policy, and it was later determined that they were not even mentioned in the documents.

According to many resources, the Hawks basketball team filed an insurance claim with AIG and the claim was never paid out. Until further research was done, the reason for this was unknown.

The exact amount of the civil claim is confidential and a non-disclosure has been signed by all parties to ensure that the information surrounding the lawsuit is not disclosed. This ensures there is no damage done to either party, and neither company suffers significant damages after the civil suit is complete.

Even though it has not been officially announced, there is an extremely high chance that Bruce Levenson and his partners will win the lawsuit. Open information about the lawsuit states that AIG will not participate, or stand openly in their own defense. AIG also refuses to admit that a claim was made on the policy, even though the Levenson has copies of the paperwork related to the claim.

Who is Bruce Levenson?

Bruce Levenson is a native of Washington D.C. He is a graduate of Washington University, and received his law degree from American University. He is extremely familiar with the media, and media attention, since he paid his way through college as a journalist for the Washington Star.

A Forbes billionaire, Bruce Levenson is the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He also served as the team governor on the NBA board. He is also the co-founder of the United Communications Group, which was founded in 1977.

Levenson has also spent a great deal of time in other business ventures. He was one of the members who founded the Board of Directors for the publicly traded TechTarget, a massive technology based media company.