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All About Him

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The name is Scott Rocklage. He is from the U.S. and a proud father of two boys. One of his “dreams” is to have two nice and relaxing properties: One in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, enjoying the wonders of nature, and other property, by the Ocean, right on the Caribbean Sea.

In regards to his career plans, at this point, his medium-short terms plans are to accomplish more with 5AM Ventures; combining his experience of several years working for the system – with the knowledge that it can bring. What motivates him on this career and encourages him to reach this goal? It is his heart that is always ready to help those in need and mostly among the Latino community. His main motivator? His son Josh. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

As possible aspects of his current life may get in the way of achieving goals for this year, he was just involved in a major car accident; thanks to God, he is fine but knows that this will take time from his agenda – time that, at this point, is already very limited.

Also, previous to that incident, he received some news of a major surgery needing to get done in just three days from today. He will always face difficult situations that sometimes can move one’s focus and goals, but persistency is the key: Grab the positive and keep reaching goals. Read more; Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

There is a song that motivate him when facing scenarios; it is written in Spanish, but the cursory translation goes pretty much like this:

If there is a mountain that seems impossible to cross or reach or a river you cannot cross to take you to the other side, there’s a God that does what no one else can do. This song both gave him a sense of relaxation in mind and soul and encouraged him.

All I can conclude is that, new challenges will always come: New doors will open, and some others will get closed, but we need to keep reaching for our dreams. Rocklage wants to be successful and will try his best to continue this goal.