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Overcoming In-House Hurdles

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Status Labs of Austin, TX has done a tremendous amount of work on behalf of clients suffering from reputation catastrophes. Reputation management tasks are what Status Labs’ management and employees are extremely skilled with, and they have put those skills to work for 1,500+ clients around the globe. One of the more interesting clients Status Labs has helped is itself.


Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, recently published an article in The Huffington Post that chronicled an unfortunate situation the company had to deal with.


A former executive of Status Labs did something outside of his duties with Status Labs. The company was completely removed from the actual activities that occurred, but the company was pulled into the controversy. The media ended up running stories and reports that hardly cast the firm in a good light. As unfair as the situation was, the company had to deal with it nonetheless.


Steps were taken by all those affiliated with Status Labs to set things straight. The company launched as series of partnerships and joint ventures with various entities in the Austin area to support scores of philanthropic endeavors. Working with many charities greatly helped improve public perception of Status Labs.


The company also worked on addressing employee concerns in the aftermath of the controversy. Many steps were taken to turn the already employee-friendly office into an even friendlier one. Everything from offering stock options to letting employees bring their pets to work helped improve attitudes and moral for the better.


Status Labs most certainly was able to overcome the hurdles the past controversies created. Earnings reports show the company’s revenues have increased tremendously since its inception. Likely, this trend will continue since Status Labs has been able to effectively handle the accounts of numerous clients. Simply put, Status Labs is quickly becoming the premiere reputation management firm in the industry.

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