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WEN Hair Challenge Delivers Smooth, Shiny Locks to Beauty Blogger

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Beauty bloggers hold an enviable position, because they receive lots of cool hair, skin care and beauty products to sample and usually at no cost. Emily McClure of recently took the WEN 7-day hair challenge and gave up her regular shampooing for an entirely new way of cleansing.
It’s known as the no-poo method, and although it’s been imitated by others, Wen remains the leader with super healthy, sulfate-free cleansing conditioners. Emily was looking to revive her flat, limp locks with shine and manageability and was hoping the WEN system could deliver in a major way. She decided to snap selfies on every day of the hair challenge, so readers could see how WEN was holding up.

WEN by Chaz Dean features a holistic and clean way of living with unique cleansing conditioners that both cleanse and condition without detergent-filled shampoos.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner, which happens to be WEN’s most hydrating formula. Celebrity stylist Chaz developed FIG with marigold and chamomile extracts. These gentle, effective ingredients help repair damage done by chemical processes and heated styling tools.

Emily admitted to her readers right away, that she is a nighttime shower gal, but to keep the WEN challenge in the proper routine, she decided to shower and cleanse in the AM. She described how the Wen formula gave instant body and shine to her newly washed locks.

Things were going well, until Emily veered off course. One night, she decided to shower and use WEN, but by morning, her hair was flat and greasy. Another morning, she skipped the shower and daily cleanse, and her locks showed the limp results.

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