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Why Is Product Recognition Tech From Slyce Important?

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Product recognition tech from Slyce is one of the most important advances in the industry to date. They created it so that it could be used in a lot of different ways, and they have made sure that they have applied it to things that make a difference to people. The first thing that most people would use it for is shopping, and they can actually do that with the app that Slyce acquired to do this work. They have Pounce in their family, and they use the Slyce AI on the app. The app explains how to take the pictures, and the app gives instant results.

The search results that people get when they are in the app will point them to the citem they are looking for. That means that they will be able to shop for the item they want in moments. There is no reason to go on a long search to find it because Slyce can give the answer in seconds. That is what the app does before anything else, and it saves people a lot of time that would have been wasted just from searching.

The visual search that people do need to be done on the spot, and that helps them learn what they are looking at. They can find the alternative to something they see in a store, or they can find something that is like an old garment or item they like. It all depends on what their needs are at the time, and their needs become part of the Slyce technology. The searches get saved, and people can go back to check them out at any time. Someone could compile a whole shopping list from the app, and the pictures will lead users to the things they want to buy today.