CTRMA Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein and His Solutions for the Current Trafic Problems in Williamson County

In the recent years, the traffic has become one of the biggest problems for Williamson County. In a recent summit held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center, leaders and experts from the transportation industry have a chance to come together and frame solutions to the problems for the suburban communities in the region.

The panelists saw the biggest names in the transportation industry such as Mike Heiligenstein, the director of Central Texas Regional Mobility, Leandre Johns, the director of Texas External Affairs, Uber Technologies, and many more.

The topic of discussion at the summit was the way technology was changing their transportation system in Austin and globally. Mike pointed out how the technology such as driverless vehicles would change the transportation infrastructure in the future and why there was a need to invest in constructing smarter roads and adding additional transportation capacity. He also added that the corridors should also be created technically advanced to be more efficient. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.dot.state.tx.us/ttf2009/People/MikeHeiligenstein.htm

Another panellists talked about the need for flying cars and driverless cars, but Mike stood to his views that the need for better roads and infrastructure for the residents and the future residents of the county cannot be fulfilled by anything else.

At the end of the discussion, it was his views and plans that emerged as the best ones and was praised by the audience and his colleagues for his far-sightedness.

According to Biz Journals, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent government agency that is responsible for building transportation systems in Williamson and Travis counties. It is also the head of the Highway Emergency Response Operator and offers its services to drivers who are stranded along the interstate 35 and others. They ensure that the traffic on the highways is running smoothly and continuously.

The agency also launched a mobile application known as Metropia that helps control traffic by providing incentives to drivers if they drive during off-peak hours. They also run a ride-sharing app called CARMA.

Mike Heiligenstein, the current director of the CTRMA, has been with the agency since the start. He was an official with the agency for 23 years before being appointed as the executive director for his efforts and his experience in the industry. Before he started working with the agency, it did not have any income and was struggling to be alive. Mike changed all of that, and today the agency is expected to see its assets grow to $4 billion by the year 2020 and its income to be about $136.5 million by the year 2020.