Help With Doxxing Damage

Doxxing is a colloquial term for document dumping, a practice that can cause a lot of troubles. The Daily published a helpful article on the subject of online document dumping. Darius Fisher, the president of the reputation management firm Status Labs, lent his experience to the advice presented in the article.

Document dumping comes in all forms and varieties. All modes of document dumping lead to the same disastrous end result: private information ends up being published online. People who steal email passwords via viruses would be one sincerely egregious way private info ends up online. Hence, the article suggests to change passwords regularly. Not using the same password for all email accounts would be another wise thing to do.

Then, there are completely legal – but annoying – actions third-parties take. Online resources that collect names, addresses, email, and other “public” information and publishing them online do have to respect privacy though. Making requests to have such information removed from the online resource should be honored if the subject makes such a request.

People so doxx themselves. Not setting the proper privacy settings on social media, for example, sends anything posted on a profile into the Google search engines. Enhancing privacy settings addresses this problem.

Googling oneself is not a bad idea either. This way, all things online associated with a particular person are revealed.

Darius Fisher does know a lot about keeping online names and reputations safe. He has helped numerous high-profile clients with such a task. Fisher authored numerous online articles to raise awareness about the serious nature of doxxing and reputation management. His advice should carry weight.

Darius Fisher has a strong professional background related to marketing and public relations. His professional resume includes work as a political consultant and an advertising copywriter. Both of these careers require controlling a message and making sure one is always presented in a positive manner. Many of the same skills he developed as a consultant and copywriter are carried over into his duties at Status Labs. Those who end up suffering from major online reputation mishaps often turn to Fisher and his firm for help. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.