IAP Worldwide Is Committed To Making Life Overseas Easier For Our Brave Troops

IAP is a world leader in providing innovative professional and technical services for businesses in both the professional and private sector. They focus heavily on supplying U.S troops overseas with equipment needed to keep them safe, and help them remained focused on their missions. The company was founded in Irmo, SC in 1990 as a contractor with the U.S Army and helped supply American troops in Saudi Arabia with tools needed for a generator, providing emergency power when needed. They quickly expanded their servicer, and began contracting to provide other government services like power generation , emergency and general transportation and disaster relief services. Currently IAP Worldwide has government contracts that total more than $350 million.

While IAP has enjoyed great success since its launch, last year they acquired two business units from DRS Technologies and developed a strategy to further increase financial growth in the coming year. The new policy is based on the belief that IAP can prompt a stream of organic financial growth by focusing on customer-centered operations. In 2015, IAP received a share of a federal contract modification by Army Corps of Engineers that totaled $55 million. By taking a closer look at the needs of their clients. and developing more effective and efficient strategies to meet their business needs.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

IAP is committed to helping their clients overcome challenges. By approaching your situation as their own, they are able to empathize with each client, and fully understand the what is needed to solve or address their problems effectively. Over the last five years they have acquired more than three other companies, helping them build and building off of their reputation. They have over 1,500 employees and more than 110 locations all around the world. Their main focus is to create and provide the most innovative products and service to U.S. troops.

Our troops are important to us. They have all made a very selfless commitment to protect us and our country. Because of this, It is important to show our support and gratitude for them in anyway possible. The staff at IAP Worldwide strongly believes this. Our military has so much to focus on, they work tirelessly to provide a safer environment for us, for this reason IAP is committed to providing services that makes their extremely difficult jobs, a bit easier to do.

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