IAP Worldwide Offers Many Services

IAP Worldwide, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, is one of the worlds leading providers in logistics, facility management as well as professional and technical services, both to the United States and countries around the globe. The company was former known as International American Products, but changed the company name in 2005. The company was founded back in 1990 in the city of Cape Canaveral in Florida. Today, IAP Worldwide have office branches scattered across the United States and in more than 25 other countries.

The company currently employs a staff of around two thousand people who are responsible for all the challenges and hard work that goes on behind the company to meet the needs of both the public and private sector. With the number of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals working behind IAP Worldwide, they are capable of handling any logistic or technical situation. Starting back at the company’s predecessors, IAP Worldwide has been in business for more than 60 years since its inception, and they have built a strong reputation as being trustworthy and dependable, always ready to meet the needs of the customer in no time at all. IAP Worldwide operates day and night, always ready to help out when they are needed, as they strive to put their clients needs ahead of everything else and ensure total customer happiness.

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IAP Worldwide’s history starts more than 60 years ago, back when Pan Am world Services was first helping with space launches in Florida. It was during this time that the company was involved in more than 2,000 different spacecraft launches. Over many decades they built up their services and are able to provide support in a variety of different areas, including engineering, facility management, and more.

Over time, IAP Worldwide has managed to grow through the acquisition of many other companies, such as G3 Systems, Aviation and Logistics, Tactical Communications & Network Solutions. All of these acquired companies help improve on the companies services as a whole as well as spread their reach even further around the globe. Today they are one of the highest regarded companies that are known to provide only the very best services, which is why they have private contracts with several different governments, including the United States.

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