James O’Keefe Unknowingly Reveals His Plan Against George Soros Group Through A Voicemail

Failure to hang the phone caused the consecutive activist, James O’Keefe, to trip his attempt of infiltrating one of the groups funded by George Soros. After making a call to the Open Society Foundation, James identified himself as Victor Kesh and left a message. However, because he failed to disconnect the line, James went on to explain his ill plan against the group to an unidentified person.

In his voicemail to Dana Geraghty, James asserted that he would be interested in helping the firm fight for the European values. He went on to explain that Kesh was a Hungarian-American. Kesh ends the call after requesting to be connected to a senior member of the organization and leaving his number. However, in the voicemail, James is heard telling someone not to say anything before he hangs up the phone. It is here that James engaged the unidentified person in a 10-minute deliberation concerning his plan against the George Soros group.

During the discussions, Kesh is heard saying that he would like to use Geraghty’s LinkedIn page to get to Soros. However, he soon realizes that by using Dana’s LinkedIn page, he would reveal his identity to her through his LinkedIn account. Geraghty was later to confess how chilling it was to hear that she would be used as the point of entry. Dana was sure that James and his people were not technology savvy. After listening to the voicemail, she forwarded the same to the president of the foundation, Chris Stone. Stone scorned their attempt to use Garaghty as the entry point to the foundation. Stone went ahead to assert that since James and his people could not use internet browser, they were ill prepared to carry out undercover operations. He decried James’s action against the foundation. This information was originally reported on Raw Story as elucidated in the following link http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/busted-conservative-prankster-james-okeefe-exposes-his-own-sting-on-george-soros-group

About George Soros

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society Foundation. He also serves as its chairman. The foundation was established with the view to enhancing open societies across the globe. Through the Open Society, rights are respected and governments become accountable for their actions. Over the years, George has been instrumental in establishing different initiatives that have helped millions of people around the globe. Soros is credited with establishing an international system that advances accountability and transparency over the extraction of natural resources. Soros posits that his achievements in the financial markets gave him the independence to take stands on controversial matters.

It is imperative to note that George is a successful author. George Soros’s books highlight his approach to investment and business as well as his views on economics, open societies, globalization, politics and philanthropy. Some of these books are The Tragedy of the European Union, The Soros Lectures at the Central European University, Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States: Essays and the Crash of 2008 and What it Means. The other books are The Age of Fallibility, George Soros on Globalization and The Bubble of American Supremacy among many other books. This information was originally reported on George Soros’s website as highlighted in the following link http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp

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    More reason why corporate organizations should always be on the look out because there are always people like this that want to reap from where they didn’t sow. The good thing is that essay service review he wasn’t that smart enough and luck I think ran out of his side. The Soro’s foundation should count themselves to be very fortunate and make quality plans to prevent further infiltration.

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