JustFab Inc. Ready To Go IPO With Successful Online Subscription Retailer

Those who love to shop online for fashion like the variety, newest styles, convenience, quickness, availability and great prices. That’s why e-commerce has become the purchasing way of the future for brands like JustFab.

The young company seems to understand the online shopping formula, because they have sky-rocketed to the top, and even with a subscription membership model. Most of these kinds of start-ups do great at the beginning and then slowly erode into the background.

The LATimes took a look at JustFab Inc., its survival method and co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The two business partners are branding experts with online companies, and the proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes.

JustFab is a personalized shopping experience for every VIP member, because the brand’s experts choose the right shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories for the buyer’s boutique based on her favorite fashions and lifestyle habits. The concept appears to be working very well, because JustFab says they have more than 4 million VIP members worldwide, and the numbers keep growing. Learn more about JustFab: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JustFab

JustFab divides its merchandise into five shopping categories, and VIP members choose from one of these style concepts: Trendsetter, Femme Nouveau, Bombshell, Modern Classic and Girl Next Door. When one joins as a VIP member, they receive 20% off their first item with free shipping. Whether to shop or not each month is up to the VIP, and if they choose not to, then they click on the “Skip The Month” button in their boutique by the 5th of each month. That way, the buyer will not be charged $39.95.

The numbers look fabulous for JustFab Inc, as the brand is poised to haul in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. It looks like the company is about to go public, with hints about an IPO this fall. IPO expert Todd Tappin has recently been named as JustFab’s chief financial officer.

JustFab also has successful off-shoots like Fabletics, FabKids, FL2 and well-known ShoeDazzle. All the clothes, shoes and accessories sold under the brands are designed at the LA JustFab headquarters.