NutriMost Sues Its Rival Healthy Living For An Unspecified Amount Of Money

NutriMost gives you all the benefits of losing weight without having to exercise or diet. Their prepackaged meals can help you lose up to 40 pounds in 90 days. Their customers have given actual testimonials on their website about the benefits of NutriMost. Unfortunately, their rival Healthy Living has stolen their promotional video and put it on their website replacing it with the slogan “Can’t Lose Diet.” The federal court has issued a recent cease-and-desist order, but Healthy Living has failed to comply with this order and continues to threaten the goodwill reputation of the company by advertising misleading information with a similar ad taken from their website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost inventors can up with a technological approach to your diet matching you with the best meals according to your current weight and metabolism. They have real meat products that include salmon, tuna, turkey, chicken and beef. Customers get all the foods that they enjoy without ever having to go hungry or feel guilty about eating. Their prepackaged meals are guaranteed to take the weight off when and where you need it by following their simple doctor recommended meal program. Customers will be glad that they chose NutriMost for a faction of the cost of their competitors.

NutriMost is suing their rivals in court for an unspecified amount. However, they continue to out sell their competitor because of their proven results. Their doctor recommended program is highly recommended by chiropractor Dr. Ray Wisniewski as a safe and effective form of weight lose without diet, exercise, or drugs. Visit the NutriMost website for more details on how to lose with and never have to feel hungry.

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    The doctor also contends that their rival company should not be perceived as state regulated services because they could be putting their health and finances at risk. That might be only a way in which superior paper reviews might have as well as there are only the only things in which some people don’t understand.

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