Determination Begets Success as in the Life of Brad Reifler

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Brad Reifler is among the few people whose live is worth a book. From an early age, he is known to come up with brilliant ideas. As a teenager while still at school, he began investing his money in the financial markets. By the time he competed for his education, he was sure of one thing; he had the capability to weigh investment options which would fall as per his speculation.

Unlike his peers who immediately began hunting for a white collar job, Brad Reifler took a different route. He established his company, Reifler Trading Corporation. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

The company managed accounts in the line of market derivatives. By the year 2000, Refco, a futures firm, saw opportunity in Reifler Trading Corporation and bought its stake. He vested his attention, energy, and skills on a different course to start Pali Capital. It was brokerage firm to facilitate equity markets.

Reportedly, his stay at Pali Capital is quite remarkable. It generated over $1 billion in profits alone and expansion to three continents that came with increased labor force. This is according to a statement at the Bloomberg. Currently, he runs Forefront Capital as the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. Forefront Capital provides advisory services of the Forex trading floors and application of financial tracking system.

About Brad Reifler

He is a holder of a bachelor’s degree from the City of New York University, Bowdoin College in Economics and History. The Crunchbase establishes this as the foundation for his strategic leadership in the corporate world.

He has worked for Howard- Michael Association as Principal Vice President and managing director of recruitment for Moneta & Association Inc for eight years and later as the overall Managing Director. The Lehman College also began enjoying his contribution on counsel as the Career Service Advisor since January 2017.

Brad Reifler has worked as the founding director for Wins Finance Holdings. He has been associated with many organizations and institutions such as Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Genesis Securities.

Giving back is one of his virtues; he holds talks, seminars, and workshop with young people and entrepreneurs. He inspires and motivates to have people follow in his footsteps of success.

Securus Technologies – Innovative Crime Prevention and Inmate Communication Technology

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Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas-based inmate communication firm that has helped transform the incarceration experience as it used to be. The products and services offered by the company have made it much easier for the inmates to talk to their friends and relatives more often than it was previously possible. The crime prevention technology offered by Securus also makes it possible for the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently and catch the offenders with ease.


Many companies are operating in the correctional sphere, but Securus Technologies is highly famous because it offers customized technological solutions to the correctional space and law enforcement agencies. As the world advances and moves towards rapid technological advancement, it has become important for the law enforcement agencies to use high-end technology to catch offenders and track parolees, and it is the kind of services offered by Securus Technologies.


The company is very transparent in its business affairs, which is why it recently released a press release online. The press release contains the comments from the letters sent by the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials are thankful for the services offered by Securus Technology. The CEO of Securus Technologies also used the press release as an opportunity to invite the existing as well as potential customers and investors to check out the technology center of the company based in Dallas, Texas.


I have my son in prison, and the communication services offered by Securus Technologies have helped me stay in contact with him for the past two years. Thanks to their affordable services, I do not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money each month, which would have been the case if there would have been any other service provider. I hope Securus Technologies continue to innovate and provide more advanced services to the inmates and the law enforcement agencies.



Why You Need To Hire Clearabee Rubbish Removal Services Today

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It is every person’s desire to either reside or work in a clean and tidy environment. However, that is not possible if one is having issues letting go of possessions that they no longer deem vital for their day-to-day living. Some people get it all wrong as they end up moving such unnecessary stuff from their bedroom or living room to the store. To ensure that one does it right the very first time, they should go ahead and hire reliable and competent removal services.


It is no easy task finding and choosing the right service provider to work a miracle for you. Therefore, you should know your needs well to ensure you make the right decision. The right service provider will ensure that they leave no rubbish behind while carrying out the disposal. The process is also cost effective compared to an individual carrying out the disposal on their own.


It is wise for one to ensure that the service provider is well-experienced for the job. Thus, choose a company that has been offering similar services to what you need. Also, ensure that the company in question will offer their services within the stipulated time to avoid time wastage. At the same time, find out the services charges before signing any agreement. You certainly do not want to hire service providers you cannot afford and end up in financial constraints.


About Clearabee


Clearabee is a renowned rubbish removal firm based in Birmingham. Clearabee has grown so fast and is located in other 15 areas across Britain. The firm was founded by both Daniel Long and Rob Linton. The rubbish clearance management initiative kicked off in the year 2013, and by June 2015, the firm had launched it’s 15th outlet which is based in Edinburgh. Rubbish removal in London has never been easier. Rubbish clearance is a necessary part of life. Be sure to choose Clearabee.


By the year 2015, Clearabee had recorded serving about 30,000 clients and a profit of 4.1m. Most people enjoy the services, especially their man and van rubbish initiative since it is quite flexible and satisfying. Clearabee services are just a phone call away. Clearabee also has an online platform where you can book their services and have all your junk cleared up.

Clearabee on Facebook is definitely worth taking a look at!

Succeeding in Business with Doe Deere

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Despite being born in Russia many years ago, Doe Deere has managed to settle in the United States and even become a well-known entrepreneur. Living in the US city of New York, Doe Deere is known for establishing a company called Lime Crime Cosmetics that specializes in all sorts of cosmetics particularly women make-up. While many people view makeup as a way of concealing imperfections, this great entrepreneur says that make-up is a form of self-expression and freedom. Doe Deere has the notion that beauty is the present feeling rather than being natural and looking good. This is perhaps the reason that propelled her to establish this company in the year 2008.


According to Doe Deere, her brand is very animal-friendly as it does not use animal products. Furthermore, the name Lime is from her favorite color. Since she was a small child, she dreamt of establishing her brand of lipstick, nail polishes as well as eye shadows. Furthermore, she dreamt of establishing a product that is bright and vivid to the point of being confused with something illegal. Doe Deere also speaks on behalf of other women. She has this idea that women can achieve in the fields that men have also excelled. Some of the events that she has spoken in about this topic include Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and PHAMExpo.


Doe Deere advises young people to be the best versions of themselves and not to be influenced by other people. Over the years, she has learned firsthand the importance of listening to her employees and customers. She says that people willing to succeed in this life should embrace their weirdness. On advising people about success, she says that people should treat ideas like children. This is where you must develop the notion of raising them and taking care of your ideas as time goes by. Doe Deere says that people willing to succeed should embrace reading. For this reason, she recommends a book by Lindy Woodhead called War Paint. There is a lot to learn from this book especially competition as it details the rivalry of Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden.


When asked about the greatest mistake that she has ever made in her life, Doe Deere says that it was wearing an unfortunate costume when she was a young girl. For this costume, she was mocked to the extent of giving up the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She, however, says that people should get used to making mistakes in life.

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Alexandre Gama’s Work Has Gained Him Notoriety in the Field of Advertising

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Alexandre Gama has an impressive history in the field of communications and advertising. With his current company Neogama being named as one of the leading advertising companies in Brazil, it is little wonder how this man obtained the notoriety he has in the field of advertising. Alexandre Gama started on his career path by attending Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, where he studied advertising. After graduating he landed a job with Standard Ogilvy, where he came up with creative written content.

Although Alexandre Gama rose steadily through the ranks in the advertising industry by working for various agencies, his creative work remained a constant source of recognition by others in the field. Mr. Gama received his first award for writing while employed at a company called DM9, just eight short years after leaving school. Over the years Alexandre Gama’s work has earned him awards from Cannes, the APP and the Communication Agency of Entrepreneurs.

After much work the Cancer Center of America May Have Found a Technical Solution that Will Improve the Lives of Millions

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Millions of lives will see improvement due to a recent decision made by the Cancer Treatment Center of America. With the cooperation and resources of Allscripts and Nanthealth, the Cancer Treatment Center has found a way to simplify the lives of not only physicians but individual patients. This collaboration includes the access of clinical workflow in the Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record by, eviti, a clinical support solution produced by Nanthealth. This new solution is termed “Clinical Pathways” and includes the input of hundreds of physicians throughout the nation as well as a complete collection of evolving oncology data. Thus, Clinical Pathways has been a product of much forethought from the brains of the highly intellectual throughout the United States. This new creation potentially eliminates time and error, crucial factors in the oncology field. Although there is a need for verified success, Clinical Pathways has potential to be a catalyst for making a positive difference in the field of oncology. Listed are a few benefits of the intervention: improvement of quality and efficiency of patient care; increased patient confidence of treatment plan; increased insurance approval due to accuracy of clinical data. Clinical Pathways has potential to be an astute evolution of scientific technology.
Unique to other hospitals, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America take an individual- centered approach to the treatment of cancer. As stated on the website it is the CTCA philosophy that “the cancer is as unique as the person fighting it.” Thus, the multidisciplinary team employed at CTCA are solely focused on oncology and evidence- based intervention for the treatment of cancer.
Because CTCA has a philosophy of individual treatment the patient is the focus of the CTCA treatment plan. This includes emphasis on particular patient needs and access of a team of highly qualified individuals to meet those needs.

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American Investor Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly is an American investor who is the winner of the prestigious foundation of Templeton investment competition. He is also the founder of newsletter Profits Unlimited where he uses his skills and experience to guide more than 40,000 subscribers into stocked.

He joined the Sovereign Society in 2016 and serves as a senior editor in technology, small camp stocks, and special opportunities. Starting in the 1980s, he worked as an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management before becoming a money manager for the like of Royal Bank of Scotland. When he was of age 42, he left the Wall Street to become a full-time writer because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Social Services
In 2009-2010, he gave $25 billion hedge fund to Kinetics International Fund that posted returns of 67% and 20% in those years. He however directed investments for the Templeton Foundation many times.

Paul Mampilly’s Ideas
Paul has very clear ideas about success and hard work and he wants to help the people by making their minds help them. He says that you can get anything even from the deepest valley of your demise. He believes that their lives will be revolutionized by the technologies and this revolution will generate huge investment opportunities for making money. He wants to give a big platform to invest in the business and to earn more as you can.

Paul is the professional investor who especially worked on Wall Street for more than 20 years and he got his start in the early 1990s and quickly grasped the ladder to reach the peak point of success.

Paul Mampilly is the man of strong will and sense who got success by his words and hard work and achieved the target what he aimed at.

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Fabletics and Amazon Competing for e-Commerce Control

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For a long time, Amazon has monopolized the e-Commerce fashion industry. The Company controlled 20% of the market, and this made it hard for other companies to succeed. However, Fabletics has done the impossible; they have managed to compete with Amazon, and it looks like they are winning.


What most Companies failed to do, Fabletics has done by changing the system and applying different strategies. Kate Hudson and her team decided to create a member-based online retail store. Through the system, the Company was able to generate $250 million in sales.


Fabletics has employed different strategies to get more clients to join the Company. One of the strategies that they have used is the reverse showrooming.


Reverse Showrooming


Showrooming is the practice of customers viewing and examining the products on the online retail stores and buying them somewhere else at a discounted price. This system has been detrimental to the success of the various online fashion stores. Instead of hoping for the process to change, Fabltetics has tackled the challenge head on. They have applied the reverse showrooming.


They have done so by opening pop-up stores. According to the Fabletics team, retail is another form of marketing. Since their Company is subscription-based, they use the information provided to stock the stores. This has made it easier for the existing and new clients to buy the products. Fabletics has also continued to increase their clientele with this new system. 25% of the new customers have registered to become members.


There are other strategies that Fabletics has adopted:


Maximizing on the online data


It is imperative for one to display the right products. It is due to that the Company seeks to provide items appeal to the customers. All their clients fill out a form indicating their fashion preference. The Company will use the data to provide the customers with what they want.


Fabletics continues to gain success, and they are opening different stores in various location. Every territory they go to presents a different set of challenges. Luckily, the Company has established a balance between the culture, consumer education, and experience.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is an online retail store co-founded by Kate Hudson. When it started, the Company was manufacturing active wear for women. They have, however, expanded the brand and today they offer active wear for men as well as dresses and shoe brands.


How it works


When you join the Company, you will fill out a form that indicates your preference. If you don’t know what your preference is, you take the Lifestyle Quiz to determine what gear is right for you. Based on the information that you provide, the team will send you an email at the beginning of every month with the latest offers. While it is not mandatory for you to buy the products, you will have to make a decision by 5th of the month. Failure to do so will result in a credit of $49 on your account.

Adam Goldenberg Appears on CNBC to Share the Concept Behind Name Change of JustFab Inc.

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Since e-commerce was introduced in the fashion industry, companies are gradually transforming the way consumers shop and purchase apparel online. TechStyle, formerly known as JustFab Incorporation is one of the fastest growing fashion retailers in the United States and global. The online fashion retailer is parent company of four major brands, including JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids. In 2016, Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg and his business partner announced they rebranded the company and changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. Mr. Goldenberg appeared on CNBC to share the concept behind the name change and rebranding the company.



TechStyle is one of the first companies to transform the fashion industry into a data-driven and membership subscription program. Adam Goldenberg discussed the program; how they are working to build brands; and challenges companies experience in the fashion industry. He told CNBC TechStyle offers consumers options to shop and purchase apparel at regular retail prices or through the VIP membership model. The membership was enhanced to address issues of the program, which is now opt-in. Goldenberg said what makes TechStyle different from its competitors is their ability to deliver great brands that fashion consumers love.



Adam Goldenberg says the most important thing about building brands is to have passionate customers. TechStyle is about using technology and integration from start to finish and building online brands. He said more than 1 million and half VIP members were referred by their family members or friends. By the end of 2016 fourth quarter, the company reached four million active members, internationally; and over 60 million products were shipped out to customers. Goldenberg ended the CNBC discussion by stating they are able to give back to their customers with savings by accurately forecasting yearly inventory demand.



Kate Hudson: Creating Fabletics for Activewear

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Don Ressler (DR) and his wife Ginger has always been passionate about fitness. Ressler says that he and his wife were both athletes and they have retained their passion for fitness even at the moment. According to Ressler that they released that there was a gap in the market for the fitness/athlete wear. They were sure that they could find the premium yoga pants and high-quality shirts for men however they were disappointed to find out that their prices were astronomically high and their sense of fashion was not appealing.



Together with his business partner, Adam Goldenberg, Ressler starting figuring out ways in which they could start a business and they recognized that there was a huge potential in the industry. As result of their work people are living every day of their life in comfortable clothes, and they also look good in them. They give good experience and they do not cost a foot and leg to acquire one. Their brand is known as TechStyle.



TechStyle has a portfolio of brands among them is Fabletics. Fabletics has become an international operation with thousands of employee, it also has over one million VIP members, this has been possible in just three years, and the firm has propelled its journey to success just like a meteorite. The firm is one of the largest contributors of the TechStyle Franchise. Fabletics has been founded by Kate Hudson. She says that she began he entrepreneur journey because on the premise of making high-quality yoga pants that do not cost as much. As result of their determination, they have made fitness and fashion accessible to everyone who needs it.



According to Ressler, Kates’ approach to health and commitment to the Fabletics community has radically altered the way in which women view about active wear. He points out that she has saved the whole industry. Kate says that she also need the active wear since she is an active person, yet another reason for launching Fabletics active wear. She says that she feels strong both mentally and physically and insist that women should shift their view toward that direction. According to Kate, Fabletics is all about altering individuals’ pattern to being more active in their life for whichever capacity.