Ross Abelow: GoFundMe for Strays

Ross Abelow, considered one of the best all-around attorneys in New York, put his money and power to use. January 13th, Abelow launched the GoFundMe page, setting the goal at $5000 for animal shelters.

The reason Ross Abelow started this campaign was to supply money to the shelters in order to help pay for medical care, vaccines, blankets and food. Many shelters do not have the room to house the stray animal population, so in addition to providing materials, and additional funds will help relieve the stress on vulnerable animals.

Ross Abelow is spearheading this money-raising campaign for animal shelters as part of his involvement with the community. A community he serves in a variety of ways. Abelow is a partner in the law firm of Abelow & Cassandro LLP. He specializes in family law, entertainment law. and commercial litigation.

Abelow’s philanthropic projects do not stop there. Even as his clients, entertainers and divorcees are on his list of those he does not only represent in court but advises them in ways that are personal and involved. Abelow’s dedication to his clients come with a soft touch in during their hardest trials. His giving nature is not reserved only animals in need, but all in need.

Both through his work and through the work he does for others. Abelow is not doing this to further his brand as a top-notch lawyer, his reputation does that for him. Rather, he is giving to the community that gives to him. If he will fight for stray animals that are all but forgotten, imagine the care and attention he gives his clients.

As a lawyer in New York, Ross Abelow, specializes in marriage, commercial, family, and litigation law. Abelow graduated from New York University and the Brooklyn College of Law. He has been practicing law for over twenty years while contributing to his community. He believes in passing his success forward to the community that has supported him.

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    He also writes legal and personal blogs to keep his clientele and friends up to date with his projects. Both law related and philanthropic. Abelow has proven his selflessness again and again. That may also be a real proof that essay writing customer service has been able to do these things and that is exactly what I think should be done for them now instead of insisting on something else.

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