Save Money on Your Cell Bill With FreedomPop

FreedomPop has started making waves in the cellular carrier space for its interesting take on service plans. Rather than charge you a huge fee up front, with a lengthy contract you can’t get out of; FreedomPop offers free service, and only requires you to pay when you decide to use your phone a good bit. If you’re looking to get a first cell phone for your kids that they only use for emergency purposes, or a backup number for your own that you don’t plan on using too often, then FreedomPop can be an excellent solution worth looking into.

What’s Different?
FreedomPop is able to offer its discounted service in part because of how it provides it. While most prepaid cellular services are simply buying the space from another carrier, FreedomPop, which uses Sprint’s towers, is only purchasing data from Sprint, not any of the bandwidth typically used for voice and SMS messages on Sprint’s network. That means that everything you do on a FreedomPop phone is done over data, be it the WiFi network at your house or Sprint’s data network, rather than through other channels.

What Plans Are Available
The biggest difference between FreedomPop and their carriers is that it offers a truly free phone service. With the company’s free plan, you’re able to get 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data without spending a penny. If you’re looking fo a backup phone, then that will plenty to get you by f you only need to use it occasionally. If you plan on using your FreedomPop device as your regular phone, then you’ll likely need to upgrade to another one of FreedomPop’s plans; however, they’re all still quite affordable and under the cost of a plan from a traditional carrier.

For instance, you can score an unlimited plan from the company for just $20 a month. That means you can text, talk, and use as much data as you want, without spending anything more than the $20 (it’s actually $19.99).

The carrier also offers a WiFi-only service for $5 a month. You can connect to your WiFi at home, or anywhere else and have unlimited phone service. While it’s not a good idea for someone who travels away from WiFi often, if you’re looking for a “home” phone option, this could be the ticket.

The most important part of any cellular plan is likely the phone. With FreedomPop, you can bring your old phone form your previous network over and still use it with the service. FreedomPop also offers a number of phones on its website you can purchase, with prices starting at just $50.

If you’re willing to give it a shot, FreedomPop can definitely save you a ton of cash!

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