Securus Technologies Defends Itself Against Inaccurate GTL Press Release

Recently Securus Technologies published a press release on their own, clearing up any inaccuracies that were published by Global Tel Link (GTL) in regards to the legalities surrounding patents that were being disputed.


The patents in question are regarding certain aspects of video technology that GTL claims Securus is using without permission these claims include:


GTL claims that all their patents were validated, which Securus claims is not the case as the patents have not been validated and the United States Patent Office have fused to review the case delivered from GTL.


GTL claims that they are months away from final, judicial deliberation. Securus refutes these claims, stating that legal matters regarding patents can take years and a big amount of money to dispute. Securus also is confident that they will win as they state they do not use any GTL technology in their video visitation technology.


And lastly, GTL states allegations again Securus Technologies honor in dealing with patent violations. Whereas, according to the Securus legal track record, they have worked on amicable partnerships with those that have violated Securus technology patients in the past allowing use of Securus technology at a cost.


Securus CEO Rick Smith has voiced his concern that GTL wants to get involved with such a drawn out and costly process. He is worried the GTL may bankrupt themselves over a dispute that Rick and Securus clearly state they are not in violation of.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and offer services to 3,400 public buildings and over 1,200,000 inmates. Some of the services Securus offers are: emergency response, information management, incident management, inmate self service, investigate, and biometric analysis.