Talk Fusion a Leader in Video Technology

Connecting business people around the world, Talk Fusion is a cutting-edge video technology company that offers video conferencing software to its clients. With more people working from home and doing business all over the world, Talk Fusion is an innovative way for people to video chat and connect.

Unlike other products out there, Talk Fusion is extremely user friendly. Clients simply use their computer to record a message and then upload it to the Talk Fusion portal to create your video email message.

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. A former police officer who attended the University of South Florida and received a degree in Criminology, Reina had a vision for Talk Fusion and gave up protecting the public to follow his dream.

In 2004 when Bob Reina couldn’t send a simple video email to friends, Talk Fusion was born. From Talk Fusion’s inception in 2007 the company has grown to offer it’s customers video chat, video newsletters and live meetings. Talk Fusion has now expanded into 85 countries and is the 8th largest video content provider in the world. Reina has also used his fame to raise awareness for animal rights.

No matter the size of the company, Talk Fusion has a product for everyone. In addition to being an innovative product, Talk Fusion adheres to the highest ethical standards and is a member of the Direct Selling Association.

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    An all-in-one video marketing solution, Talk Fusion is a preferred application for business people all over the world. The easy to use portal also allows users to chat live with clients and create video newsletters. You can click to read if you want to learn more bout what clients want from these people.

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