Venezuelans are upset, but not ready to trust opposition party

Small protests are breaking out daily across Venezuela as the country is in an economic crisis. Diaz Granados found that prices are skyrocketing, and there are shortages of just about everything in the stores. There are also problems with basic services like water, sewer and electricity.

People are angry, but they are not necessarily ready to blame president Maduro enough to vote to remove him from office, according to a story in Reuters. The opposition to Maduro’s Socialist government are trying things like constitutional amendments to get him ousted, and they are trying to blame him for the crisis, and hoping to link into the anger that seems to be festering across the nation.

The only problem is, Granados says that people are not buying the idea that the opposition would be any better. The opposition had a campaign kickoff to get a recall going, but it drew barely a thousand people and not much enthusiasm.

In 2014 the opposition organized protests that left 40 people dead, and many Venezuelans blame them for causing those deaths.

The protests that are happening tend to be spontaneous and rather small. But there were about 1,000 of them in the first two months of the year, which is about 17 per day, according to the Venezuelan observatory of social conflict.



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  1. Brent Charwill Post author

    Voters did give the opposition a victory last year in the legislative elections, but they are not seeing any improvement in their lives, so they are not ready to turn the presidency over to them. It is very good to use safe essays service to get everything they want from these people.

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