Visual Search Engine: A Brave Step Into the Future of Image Recognition

Technology moves forward; sometimes it moves in small steps, but every now and then it takes giant leaps that revolutionize the way things are done. Slyce is in the forefront of this giant leap where visual image recognition technology is finally ready to make its mark.

What Is Slyce and What Role Does It Play?

Slyce is a leading company in regards to visual search technologies that are taking search capabilities to the next level. One can say that Slyce understood the need people had when barcode and QR code scanning became such a success. But there was more to do, which is why 3D recognizing technology was developed.

It is now in the process of being implemented. What Slyce promises is the ability to photograph an item in the real world, and use it to search the web. One can find that item without knowing anything about it. You dont need to know the brand or serial number. Slyce is definitely opening the door to a new future.

Image Recognition Technology is Set to Change Business

Slyce’s technology has endless applications, but it will definitely be useful to businesses in more ways than one. An article found at TechCrunch explains the impact this image recognition technology will have in a little more detail. The article details some of the changes like in social media where visual recognition technology might help the blind by “seeing” an image and explaining it verbally to the person.

The reason that visual recognizing technology, according to most experts, is on the rise has to do with open source. Many companies, like Slyce, are welcoming experts from various places who have the knowledge and the vision to move into the future.

Slyce–with the help of these individuals–are using deep learning technology, user-friendly programming tools, and affordable computing to open doors. Algorithms are being created for all kinds of things, including emotions. Emotions can be used by businesses to read their clients –

This kind of deep learning technology is unprecedented but can be useful to companies attempting to find out what their customers want. There is a lot of ground to cover because not every photograph has been tagged, and image quality might still play a huge factor when it comes to recognizing an image. Read more: Why image recognition is about to transform business

But visual search engines are truly leading the way into something that might have been found in a forward-thinking science fiction movie.

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