Wen Wins Over the Pros!

Wen hair by Chaz Dean, is a hair cleansing system that is a deep cleaning conditioning shampoo that does not have to lather. It can be found in only select Sephora salons that choose to purchase and use it on their clients. The public can purchase it online from Total Beauty or from one of the many infomercials by phone.

How Wen By Chaz Dean Won Over the Pros

Emily McClure is a professional stylist that decided to take Wen for a spin to see how it behaved on her hair which had a few issues of its own. Emily’s hair is very fine and she uses a good amount of styling product on it. Any shampoo she uses is going to have to stand up to it. See, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

The first thing she notices was the amount of product that she was asked to use. It was 12 pumps and she thought this was a lot for hair her length which at the time was to the shoulder. But, this is what she discovered. She immediately found that there was an intense feeling of clean. Not just the hair but the Wen hair “Fig” flavor of the shampoo, which is what she used, is tingling on her scalp. She felt that it did its job in cleansing all the residue of the styling product she had used in the last two days.

As time went on, Emily noticed an extra drop in her curl. She continued to use Wen for over a week and on the 10th day or so she took an educated guess that it was adjusting to her hair. It worked the way it should.
She did contend that this flavor of Wen is good for those that are changing shampoos once or twice a week with their regular shampoo and change types.